Microsoft's Phil Harrison On Xbox One, Kinect and PS4's Success: "Hats Off To Sony"

In an interview with Edge magazine Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison has talked about the firm's performance at E3, playing catch up with Sony's PlayStation 4 and the decision to launch a Kinect-free SKU.

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NextLevel1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"Asked about bridging the gap between the two console's sales figures (Sony report 9 million units sold, Harrison says Xbox One's figure is "north of five million") he says: "Some analysts will suggest that we are less than 5% into this generation, so there is plenty of market opportunity ahead of us."

He doesn't deny the Xbox One is under 5 million. That with the fact Xbox One sales slowed to crawl recently and the Kinectless SKU isn't taking off, that is unspinnable for how underachieving the Xbox One has been and why so many changes happened so quickly. The PS4 surpassed 5 million a long time ago.


Microsoft changed because the sales are sub 5 million and seeing the recent NPD results. If you want to blame Sony fanboys go ahead, but it was Xbox fans not buying the console and choosing the PS4 over it, as data has showed. Stop trying to blame everyone else but Microsoft.

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60FramesPerSecond1624d ago

Their sales are better than any other system in history, except the ps4. Why should anybody care about the specifics? i dont know whether 360 or ps3 has better sales, and unless one is selling terribly, sales dont matter to anybody except the company

mikeslemonade1624d ago

^That's a myth. I'm pretty sure the PS3 and Wii sold more life to date compared to X1.

Poor Phil Harrison.. He's one of my favorite execs but he also seems to be with the loser. He was the loser in the early PS3 days, then with Atari, and now the sinking ship that is the X1.

spacecat50501624d ago


so is it a myth? You said you were pretty sure, that doesnt sound like you are positive.

I heard the x1 did far better than the 360 at launch and even though it is behind the ps4 it is still selling well.

anyone have any other proof of if its a myth or not?

JoGam1624d ago

Why did Phil Harrison leave Sony again?

MysticStrummer1624d ago

I wonder if "north of 5 million" means sold to customers? Based on released sales figures I don't think it does.

Magicite1624d ago

So humble, like a melting snow.

lelo1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Microsoft only have themselves to blame for the X1's poor sales. The X1's had a very bad reputation at the beginning of it's life cycle, Microsoft made a cheap a** console, insisted on Kinect when they should had insisted on better hardware for the X1 and gave a year head start to Sony... now everybody's friend has a PS4 and the X1 is going to be a though sale to make. Gamers buy the console where normally their friends are.

Unless Microsoft sells the X1 cheaper then the PS4 and has a lot of gigantic exclusives to sell their console, I don't think the X1 can recover.

One other big mistake Microsoft did was letting Bungie go. Destiny could have been their IP...

GameSpawn1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Bungie since the beginning wanted to remain an independent 3rd/2nd party developer. The only reason they were with Microsoft for so long is because Microsoft and Bungie worked out a contract deal for a set number of Halo titles. This is why the last Halo games (and future ones) are being made by 343 studios.

So, Microsoft never let Bungie go. Their contract was just up and either Bungie or Microsoft couldn't come to an agreement in extending it or being bought out completely by Microsoft.

I'm actually proud that Bungie is not being held down any more. They are really good developers that deserve to have their games on more than one platform. I think what I like the most from Bungie is their artistic style - while they sometimes overuse "bloom" overall their style is very distinctive and sometimes awe inspiring.

mixolydian_id1623d ago

I haven't taken the plunge and frankly... not really that interested in the PS4 at this moment in time.

If I was to get a PS... it would be a 3... because there are more games (preowned) and it's way more affordable. But saying that... I have a 360 so don't need another console.

The trolling nature of brand loyal fans is actually a big turn off and I already have friends I play online with regularly who're genuine people. We've even met up in person for nights out and such.
Dare I say, so called "Fanboys" give both systems a bad name and I wouldn't want any of them on my friends list.

At this moment in time, Im watching to see which console improves the most and offers the multimedia/gaming functionality I desire. The kind of package that won't cause my mrs to complain but actually want to be used by her, especially considering they will likely take up "input 1" of the living room TV.

Master chief collection is very appealing... but I can pick it up a year later at a discount along with all the other games that are out from 13-2014
Same methodology to PS4.

Half_Minute_Hero1623d ago

Who cares.

Also, North of Five Million would be above, not below, wouldn't it?

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60FramesPerSecond1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

It seems as though Microsoft has really changed. With the reversal in policies, it seems as though XB1 will be a decent system after all. Now people might disagree, but thats because this site is filled with Sony fanboys. You know who you are.

Snookies121624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Eh, most gaming sites are filled with fanboys on all sides.

I do agree though, MS is doing a lot of things better these days. I'm happy to see them going in the right direction, as I've liked their systems (still have my original Xbox and have owned two 360's). It's just that the way they've done things in the past, and some of their practices have been less than savory in my opinion. As a gamer, I hope to see them rise up and start giving us some really awesome experiences soon. I know they can do it, they just have to listen to fans and keep moving in the right direction.

VealParmHero1623d ago

well said. Sometimes it is hard hearing all the negativity, but that is what MS needed. Many people were right, and things did need to change.

I just wish people would have a little hope and at least admit that indeed things are starting to look up a bit.

I try to stay neutral, but i always liked MS consoles. I hope they can change some minds and stay in the game. Like it or not, that is what is best for everyone involved, including us.

Bathyj1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I'm waiting to see if its not just words and if actions are actually put into practice. At the moment it just feels to me like theyre telling us what they know we want to hear because lets face it, the alternative would be disastrous for them. It makes me a little sick watching Phil S run off stage at E3 to change into a different edgy gaming Tshirt to curry favour. Its just seems like a put on.

Its also worth noting MS always tries hard at the beginning of a generation, theyre trying to hook you in and get you invested. Its in the long run when their legs get tired and they realize they need to get a jump on the next gen that they stop caring about what you think and no longer try so hard.

Through on the debacles and 180's, DRM, game sharing, price, power, whatever, this is my biggest turn off with MS and the issue I care most about, and why Im loathe to trust them again. While I may yet own a Xbone in the future, it will never be my primary console for this reason, even though I bought 100's of games for 360 in the first half of last gen and used to buy all my multipats on The XBone original. (PS I hate having to call it that.)

That said, Im not picking on Phil H. Hes always been a great guy. I was replying to reversed policies you brought up.

-Foxtrot1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Hats off...

I knew there was something different about Phil

C-H-E-F1624d ago

FRINGE :D best show on television.
but uhm... yeah I hope the ps4 can return back to it's ps2 glory... OMG the development for that would be lovely... I just hope that Sony will continue to be innovative without competition.

VealParmHero1623d ago

What? Why no competition. Do you honestly believe that Sony never looked at MS and said...hmmm, that's good, how do we top it. That is how things become better. Any sure they lead, but the competition from Nintendo and MS still exists in a serious way, even if it is not as fierce as one would have expected. My head is in my palms, friend.

C-H-E-F1623d ago

Dude... just like Nintendo had no competition last gen... by saying no competition IM SAYING SO YOU CAN READ AND NOT READ BETWEEN THE LINES JUST LIKE THOSE WHO DISAGREED IM PUTTING IT IN CAPS.....


DEEBO1624d ago

wow 9 million! but yeah the x1 is improved over the last few months i just did the survey and got my free game with gold.

EvilWay1624d ago

Atleast some company has class and doesn't just take jabs at the competition

RiPPn1624d ago

Microsoft took plenty of jabs at Sony when the 360 was riding high, love how Microsoft fanboys are trying to rewrite history now that the roles have reversed!

MysticStrummer1624d ago

"Atleast some company has class and doesn't just take jabs at the competition"

Nintendo? I know you aren't talking about MS or Sony.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

It is not like Microsoft has any jabs they can make towards Sony. What are they gonna say?

"Ohhh your console looks so stupid"

Now if Microsoft were in a better position, you can bet your ass that they would at least taunt at the Playstation 4

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