XBlaze Code:Embryo Bombards Players with Boobs

From the article, "Yet, XBlaze is jam-packed with fanservice. It all started when a TOi article about a new Sunflower shampoo was read. Soon after, Toya’s walking in on Es and Hinata while they’re bathing. When they all go to the pool on a day off, each girl gets a glamour shot of them in an incredibly revealing swimsuit. In XBlaze, boobs are everywhere."

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Apoca1ypse1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

When the writer was talking about fan service I think the characters meant where Bang, Azreal and Terumi.

I mean Terumi was even made for girls in mind.

Giant beefcakes like bang and azreal are fairly obvious and that delicous bang astral where he strips down to his bulging sack.