Killzone Mercenary Patch 1.10 Imminent

Guerrilla Cambridge announce new patch to fix spawn issues, stability fixes and new names for the bots in Botzone.

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teflontactics1301d ago

I'm a bit skeptical about the spawn fixes, but anything's got to be better than what we had.

Killzoner991301d ago

Why are you skeptical? It was an overblown issue to begin with that really didn't need a patch. I can't believe people complain when their complaints are answered. I guess that's just the industry today.

ninjahunter1301d ago

Hmm, must be tidying up for the vita TV launch.

mayberry1301d ago

Great support from gg as usual! Great game too!

AfterThought1301d ago

Some new content would be welcome.

tigertron1300d ago

The Vita needs more games like this.

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