Nordic Games Talks about the Future of Darksiders and Red Faction

GenGAME writes: At E3 a few weeks back I got the opportunity to speak with Reinhard Pollice, the product development director over at Nordic Games, to talk about the Darksiders and Red Faction. Pollice was able to confirm that Nordic Games is in fact exploring new ideas for sequels in both franchises, even indicating that a Darksiders III is a bit further along in the process than a new Red Faction.

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nope1111628d ago

Red Faction Guerilla 2, pls.

LightDiego1628d ago

True, Guerrilla is awesome, i don't know why THQ changed an open-world game to a generic third person shooter. Well, one of the reasons why THQ doesn't exist anymore.

TWB1628d ago

I think that they purposely made every second game in the franchise "different"

Like RF1 was good with amazing destruction, second one improved many things (shooting action became mad fun and story telling improved greatly as well as an improved MP on PS2 over the first one) but they went atleast two steps backwards in destruction and map design.

Guerilla was pretty damn good (even though I dont like TPS games much) but after a while I still found the open world frustratingly restricted and lifeless/predictable. I guess they tried to do same stuff with armagedon as they did with RF2 (like battlefield series ventured with BC spin offs) but the timing was just really bad.

I have yet to play armagedon so I dont know how it plays or is it closer to the original ones but I do have it in my steam library.

corvusmd1628d ago

Ahhh that's who owns Red Faction..I'd love to have another one. I personally liked it better when it was first person, but I beta tested and loved Guerilla too, so I'd be down with another like that. It'd be seriously awesome if they teamed with MS to use cloud compute for world destruction and such. Seems like it'd be a great match.

sfadul1628d ago

Didnt know about the Darksiders collection, never got to play the game, so I think I'm getting it.

Kluv1628d ago

Darksiders 2 is actually one of my favorite ps3 games. I am only moderately into the bulky grunt-ish art style, but the gameplay, environments, and music were all top-tier stuff for me. I'm playing another playthrough right now actually as I wait for the next ps4 game to come out that I really want.

ironfist921628d ago

I didnt like Darksiders 2. Was a dissapointing letdown for me after DS1. Just felt bloated, too big and empty, overly complex loot system and the mission structure was basically fetch quests in needing to find 3 of each things.

Wish they would go back to DS1's gameplay.

But yes to Red Faction: Guerilla 2. Armageddon was balls.

Daver1628d ago

I agree, darksiders 1 was so much better

Redgehammer1628d ago

I wish they would return to the awesomeness of RF2, just open world.

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