Yoshida: I don't understand people who only want AAA

"We are concerned a little bit when we work on a game like LittleBigPlanet 3, because people want those big-budget, realistic, military shooters"

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60FramesPerSecond1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I honestly thought Little bigPlanet was AAA. it certainly felt like it. It had good voice narration and gameplay. seemed big budget to me.

colonel1791627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Yoshida has it all wrong and that makes me worried!

First of all, LBP is a AAA game, and military shooters is the least we want. Also if he is referring to COD, that in no way is AAA game.

With that mentality, no wonder why Sony is so focused of indies. :(

vallencer1627d ago

People refer to AAA as blockbuster hits. Which most certainly means COD is AAA. Yeah people hate it but it sells millions which get it to be a blockbuster. LBP isn't "AAA" per Se. In quality wise then yes but it doesn't sell enough to be a blockbuster hit. Either way it doesn't matter to me as I like LBP.

Heisenburger1627d ago


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I'm sure you know more than Shu. Lol That's some intense vanity right there folks!

Ot: I like a bit of everything. No Man's Sky, Dragon Age, Destiny, and Minecraft PS4 edition are the games I'm counting down the days for.

Eonjay1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"We are concerned a little bit when we work on a game like LittleBigPlanet 3, because people want those big-budget, realistic, military shooters"

This goes back to what Microsoft was saying. Phil complemented Sony on their willingness to do projects like Puppeteer which aren't mass market shooters. The problem is the risk involved with investing in a game that you don't expect to see a massive return on.

The question is whether you want Microsoft and Sony to focus exclusively on military shooters or do you want them to go for variety? If they invest in and produce an non shooter, will you give it a try? Doing so will motivate them to be more experimental with their titles which can produce some unique games.

uth111627d ago

Putting the confusing terminology aside, I think what Yoshida is saying is that the industry seems fixated on big games with ultra-violent content, and they are concerned when making a game like LBP 3, that gamers won't be receptive to it.

AAA means different things to different people.
I see it as meaning big-budget
Others see it is big-sellers or a great game.

christian hour1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

pre-2005 AAA used to mean a quality game, then sometime during the last generation the terminology changed and it confused A LOT of people, myself included. (Yahtzee Croshaw especially is confused and jaded about this haha)

But I'm with Yoshida, I don't understand people who only want AAA (blockbuster, usually low on substance, titles), my friend msg'd me today complaining about the abundance of "quirky, pretty looking indie games" and asked me "where are all the explosive 3d shooters and action games?"... I... I didn't know how to respond. I just curled in to a ball and wept for my hobby.

Halcyon141627d ago Show
christian hour1627d ago

To people complainging theres too many indie games and not enough big budget games... Keep this one little thing in mind and it will make a lto of sense...

Big Budget titles take 3+ years to make (unless yr selling 60 euro expansion packs like ea sports or activision)

Indie titles can take from 6 months to a year, sometimes a little more. Of course theres gone to be more of the games that take less time to make.

We had tonnes of indie games on XBLA and PSN last gen too, why is this suddenly a problem? In fact if XBLA never started doing what it does back in 2005, we probably wouldnt be where we are today, I don't understand the haters. We're getting more choice and more games more often, whats the problem? You don't HAVE to buy them, those big budget games are still coming out just as regularly as they used to.

Todays generation of gamers act like a spoilt bunch of whiney babies.

Sevir1627d ago

LBP has been very profitable for Sony, retail games don't necessarily mean AAA budget. Puppeteer was a mid tier Game set between Big budget AAA and small indie. LBP has always sold well, but it's considered a small size budget game. LBP sold 4 million with a 5-10 million dollar budget. LBP2 budget was between 10-15 million, MM spent 6 million on R&D for improving LBP2 and also towards Vita development. They are studio that grew from 14 core members to 25... Even now as the churn away on PS4 they still remain a small team.

Uncharted 1,2 & 3 all cost 25 million to make, TLOU was in the upwards of 40 million, factoring in Delay, and R&D with launching a new IP.

People think AAA means it's a score or the fact that it launches on a retail disc. It everything to do with scale of budget and production. Puppeteer and Sniper Elite 3 launched with a price of $40 they aren't AAA by scale or budget, but mid tier productions. I believe that LBP is by very definition a game of that tier, but it sells bucket loads. And it was refreshing to see them announce LBP3

NewMonday1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

for something to be truly AAA it needs to be:


nothing can be called AAA before it is released and fulfills those criteria.

a game like Witcher2 fulfilled all 3 but it was still an indy game and cost only 7 million to develop.

miyamoto1627d ago Show
JohnJ1627d ago

Worrying these comments... If I only wanted indie games I'd just play casual on my iPad. Why bother uprgrading £300 just to play games that could be on last gen? I know some indie games are fun, but AAA's sell consoles. Gotta be the primary focus!

HonestDragon1627d ago

"I was very happy to get a very positive reaction when we announced LittleBigPlanet 3. We are concerned a little bit when we work on a game like LittleBigPlanet 3, about how people will react, because people want those big-budget, realistic, military shooters. But there were lots of cheers, a lot of affection."

This quote gives me the idea that LittleBigPlanet is not AAA. Typically, AAA games are more often than not consistent with a high budget. If LBP doesn't have a high budget, then it can't exactly be categorized as AAA. Sometimes some games just fall in the middle and aren't exactly AAA or indie.

I'm personally very happy that LittleBigPlanet will be having a new addition. The presentation at E3 showed me a new games I can play with my friends.

alexkoepp1627d ago

It's simple little Japanese man, we don't have unlimited time for games. So when we play, we want the highest quality games, we don't want to waste those precious hours on mediocrity.

VealParmHero1627d ago

AAA is not the grade given to the game. So even if you hate CoD, it is practically the textbook definition of a AAA game. Also, it is good to see Sony embrace indies (MS has been doing this as well), but to claim that indies is somehow their main focus is also wrong. They have plenty of AAA exclusives and multiplats heading to their consoles. I do agree about LBP, I always thought it was a AAA game, seemed to be so at least.

Farsendor11627d ago

AAA in the gaming industry refers to a big budget title not metacritic quality.

BattleTorn1627d ago

I agree LBP is AAA in my mind.

But Call of Duty NOT AAA? WTF??!!!!!!!

sonic9891627d ago

you know what now I AM WORRIED .
if AAA means more shooters then count me out .
i didnt get any xbox console because it focuses mainly on shooters now if Sony wants to go that path then FOR THE FIRST i will switch to nintendo i cant stand shooters anymore just cant whether it was uncharted call of duty battlefield .
BUT RIME LBP3 and ratchet's new game gives me some hope there .

bouzebbal1627d ago

yeah i'm kinda confused about that.
i don't give a damn about COD and lots of AAA games, but to me definitely LBP3 is the type of game i am expecting until new original IPs of the same type hit the shelves.

sonic9891627d ago

you know what i saw the article .
shuhei is totally right here .
AAA he meant not indie games ( i like indie games ).
he was happy that nintendo received a great praise for IPs like splatoon which by far looks very interesting as shooter for me in my opinion .
am sorry if i was nagging too much its just after last i just started to hate the sound of guns ( military or normal ) in video games that .
last gen was very bad in my opinion the worst playstation for sony game wise was the PS3 .
PS1 was a legend ( i had it with the dreamcast and saturn )
PS3 some games were awesome but the majority were shooters or cinematic games which led me to start questioning the relevancy of the movie industry and cinemas in general .

Magnes1627d ago

@heisenberger "Inconceivable"

ThanatosDMC1627d ago

I thought AAA meant that it had a lot of money as their budget.

COD is not AAA with their recycled maps and everything but they do sell lots.

GTA5 was AAA.


Sorry but this just seems weird coming from Sony, the company that has historically taken much pride in AAA exclusives/games.

VGViewpoint1627d ago

@vallencer AAA means budget and you can easily tell. LBP is AAA as its a big game in budget and studio and it also sold at least 5.5 million copies.

SolidStoner1627d ago

seem's Im one of them...

Gran turismo, Battlefield, Hitman, Fallout, GTA, Melat Gear and sometimes even COD.. all of them my favorite games.. seems that AAA is my thing now.. but years ago I finished millions of PC and PS2 games.. now I just dont have time for small games. I buy only HUGE AAA.. most of us do, thats a fact :D

Irishguy951627d ago

There are so many idiots in this comment section I have to leave N4G and let my brain heal for a while.

sonic9891627d ago

Sony focus on their job just give us a PS2 like lineup and i will be happy .
@ irishguy
try water which doesnt include fluoride on it and your brain might feel better ,
might because i dont know how much damage it did receive all those years

BlackWolf121627d ago

Oh wow really?

So now the next-generation of the gaming community has ruined things once again.

AAA didn't refer to a game that sells the most, AAA USED TO refer to a title which was of the highest quality and wasn't a financial failure.

By the old definition, LBP is AAA.

BattleAxe1627d ago

"Yoshida: I don't understand people who only want AAA"

Then he doesn't understand me. I look forward to being dazzled by the latest biggest game franchises. I absolutely do not want to buy tons of smaller games. I like games that can keep my attention two, three, four years after they release. This is why I still play Bad Company 2, Killzone 3 Multiplayer, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 co-op and so on and so on.

tuglu_pati1627d ago

In the video game industry, AAA (pronounced "triple A") is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion.[1][2][3][4] A title considered to be AAA is therefore expected to be a high quality game and to be among the year's bestsellers.

That's what I always thought AAA meant.

ShinMaster1627d ago

Uhh... Sony is not in charge of making indie games.

ALL of their first-party AAA studios are working on PS4 games.

UltraNova1627d ago


Can you please provide sources for the numbers you wrote?

I find it kind of difficult to believe Uncharted 2 and 3 costed just 25 million...

OT: I thing Yoshida was misunderstood here... He and Sony where always into venturing in new waters and experiment on new weird/unusual/quirky games, that's what we love about Sony dont we? At least that's why I do.

But most people dont like trying something they dont know, something new and out of their comfort zone, that's why the most popular genres like shooters get the attention they get and earn their AAA status, by providing that familiar experience.

For me games like LBP, Heavy Rain, Flower etc are AAA because they dare doing something new and are pretty good as well. Remember Shadow of Colossus? For me that games dwarfs the CODs the Halos the Killzones and pretty much everything thrown at it.

I became a gamer and probably will die a gamer because I wanted to live new experiences through fascinating worlds in games. Yearly updates like COD, Battlefield and other tired over-recycled games just aren't my cup of tea.

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Dark111627d ago

Yeah the same here.

What's so hard to understand for yoshida? Some people prefer different types of experiences it's simple as that.

lelo1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"Yoshida: I don't understand people who only want AAA"

Is this a excuse because Sony isn't producing as many AAA exclusives for the PS4/Vita as in the time of the PS3/PSP ?

In all honesty, Sony this gen has been relying way too much on indies. There are nice indie titles out there, but what defines a console are it's AAA exclusives.

Majin-vegeta1627d ago

His whole comment was taken out of context.

He is simply saying that he is happy that people had a positive reaction to a game that wasn't a military shooter.

"I was very happy to get a very positive reaction when we announced LittleBigPlanet 3. We are concerned a little bit when we work on a game like LittleBigPlanet 3, about how people will react, because people want those big-budget, realistic, military shooters. But there were lots of cheers, a lot of affection."

Do you really think they aren't investing in AAA content?

Credit goes to EonJay.

stormfire784121627d ago

Sony is broke so they have to rely on Indies....they can't afford to put out the AAA like they did with the ps3....iam not buying a ps4 to play Indies, f2p, 2 AAA'S (if that) a year, maybe it will b worth it in 2yra but right now the ps4 sucks

mrpsychoticstalker1627d ago

totally agree with you, Sony is looking for a way to justify their support of indies which we know are much more affordable than triple AAA.

I like Indies, but you don't spend $400 to play indies. really....

I personally spend $500 to play the best experiences, great stories, great multiplayer with friends, good graphics, sound, the whole package.

occasionally I play indies when I don't want to spend more than 20 or 40 minutes on a game.

triple AAA I probably spend 4 to 5 hours.

Darkstares1627d ago

All these delays are certainly not helping PS4 owners. What Yoshida fails to acknowledge is some people buy new systems for games that are only possible on the new hardware. That's why games like Uncharted get so much attention. So it would be a shame for Sony to slow down that kind of support. They already confirmed this to be the case for Vita.

Maybe Sony realizes they lost so much money last generation that they are now trying to be conservative on AAA game production?

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Muzikguy1627d ago

And LBP is 60FPS!! I kid, I kid.

AAA doesn't have to mean insane budget and crazy production time. In all honesty, many AAA games I've seen recently aren't worth it. (Diablo3, WD come to mind). Although my 2 examples can be taken either way, I think those 2 games were disappointing. Then you have others like the last Aliens game and Thief. If I can get a game like LBP3 and still be playing it 6+ months later WITHOUT DLC, that's worth $60 imo.

Killzoner991627d ago

LBP is AAA for sure. Yoshida is just being modest about it. Also LBP is way more AAA than COD. COD is just a rubbish rehash game while LBP offers new and innovative changes every time a new entry is released. Sackboy is one of the most recognizable and well known characters in video game history .

bennissimo1627d ago

Exactly. LBP moved a lot of units.

Bigpappy1627d ago

I am one of those people who primarily buy AAA games. I don't have time to play a lot of games, and am very selective about how I spend my money.

Having said that, I am not a shooter fanatic. I prefer RPG's and more specifically real-time action, opened world RPG's is where my preference lies. Elder Scrolls sells a bout load too, and there are no guns in that game last I checked.

Great AAA games require a lot of thought, planning and attention to detail.

geddesmond1627d ago

No hes got it all wrong, adults like me just don't want kids games or crap shovel ware indie games that are only good for 5 minutes and then get boring real fast.

I don't want FPS shooters either unless and does something new and fresh.

I want developers to bring use new worlds with exciting and on the edge stories that also have good gameplay that you can master to be good at it. I also want games that give you freedom and choice, and not choice as in whatever you do affects the story and you have to play it 10 times to see all the results. Choice as in I can go about missions in stealth or guns blazing, I have a choice between 100s of weapons to use all unique, I can customize those weapons to the way I want them and I can customze my character to my style including favorite colour.

I want games to be like GTA, MGS or red dead that offer those things I want. What I really don't want and I hate that its been shoved down my throat this gen is all these indie games that look crap graphically, that can be done on PS2 and feel like a huge step back in gaming.

No mans Sky! are people really saying that flying around a universe doing pretty mucg f all except look at crappy graphics of crappy worlds created is gonna be a game they'll pay for hours on end like a GTA GAME?

Revolver_X_1627d ago

Lol. You want games with new worlds, freedom, and choice. Im sorry, that sounds an awful lot like No Mans Sky. Mighty hypocritical arent we? You name drop GTa and Red Dead which are linear sand boxes. Open worlds, but confined by mission parameters. Honestly, outside of mission you just cause trouble. That gets old as well.

It sux that your experiences are limited to those very specific details. Shovel Knight is the best game Ive played this year. 20 hours invested in it, and it was only $14.99. I payed $60 for AC4 and only got 10 hours from it. You should calm down and actually enjoy a game, not its PR department. Indies are a 'thing' now. Its here to stay. There are thousands of gamers that enjoy them like I do. You ever wanna try some, msg me. I'll recommend some.

MajorGecko1627d ago

im with geddesmond, I only have time to play AAA games i play those free indie games from PS+ sometimes but close them after 5-10 mins n never open again. I hope microsoft up's the AAA game making 10x so Sony can get a kick in the ass.

TheWackyMan1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@Revolver_x_ bless you, for doing gods work.

geddesmond1626d ago

@Revolver X

Nice try at twisting words but we all know you know what I meant but tried to make your argument have legs. Actually my favorite games so far this year are Infamous, FF14 and Warframe, all games I have put 100 hours and in FF14 case even more. Whats 20 hours on a game when you can put 100s into a game and still not get bored.

Same for GTA5. I played that game nearly everyday for 4 months until I bought a PS4. Your the one who has his experience limited. There is so many AAA games out there that offer 100 plus hours of experience yet you want to argue that Indie is the future and you only get 20 hours out of them lol.

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ShutUpDonny1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Same problem with movies. I'll take a Wes Anderson movie over a Michael Bay anytime! And by the way, I do have a problem with indies : to many platformers! It's just a genre that I can't stand anymore. Other indies are great.

-Foxtrot1627d ago

At the end of the day it really depends on the type of film/game

Like you said about Wes Anderson and Michael Bay. If it was between Transformers and The Grand Budapest Hotel then I'd pick Anderson 100 times over....however if it was between Bad Boys 3 (Someday) and Moonrise Kingdom then I'd pick Bad Boys 3.

Depends really...the same goes for Indies and AAA games.

ShutUpDonny1626d ago

You're not wrong, even if I liked Moonrise Kingdom.

MrDead1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Wes Anderson? Dude, I saw you as more of a Coen brothers fan.

Anyway give me Grim Fandango over any COD game.

zeuanimals1627d ago

Well, Coen brothers' films aren't really indie, but neither are Wes Anderson's. They can both be kind of quirky which gives off that stereotypical indie vibe.

When people think indie films, they tend to think the actors are all hipsters, the soundtrack is all indie pop/rock (indie pop is a term that never made sense to me), and everything is quirky. Tons of people thought Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was indie because of this, even though it was backed by Universal and it had a huge budget with a giant cast and a well-known director.

ShutUpDonny1626d ago

They are both in my heart... and Grim Fandango to! And Day of the Tentacle would be awesome on the Vita.

zeuanimals1627d ago

Yup. People keep using "indie" as a catch all for everything like it's a genre. Indie simply means the dev doesn't have a publisher. There are big budget indie games like Star Citizen and there are cheaper ones like Super Meat Boy and they are both nothing a like.

This is where it gets messy though, some indies become big and publish their own games meaning they're technically not indie anymore, like Mojang (Minecraft devs).

zerog1627d ago

Not really. Indie was a term coined for entertainmen ventures that are independently produced. Originally refering to movies and games made with small teams and budgets but has got to the point where people who have more money are producing their own indies. Sometimes if an indie draws enough attention a bigger publisher like universal in movies or capcom in games will publish it for a cut because if its popular enough they have the infrastructure to produce it on a larger scale then actual indie publishers. If ten guys produce a movie or game with $100,000 its an indie but when one guy does the same with $10,000,000 its still technically an indie because it qas independently funded. Just check the indie section of netflix and you'll see what i mean.

christian hour1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Wes, coens, YAY! I like this discussion :D

Can we give Edgar Wrights visual style an honorable mention too? He's the only comedy director I know of not being lazy with how he shoots his comedy or uses visual gags (e.g the moving scene from london to the countryside in Hot Fuzz).

I don't like being spoon fed my stories, it's great that, despite all the reality tv garbage thats out there and the horrible movies, we still get great auteurs telling stories using every aspect of the medium through pacing, lighting, direction, set design etc, instead of relying on actors speaking words at you all the time. I think we're living through a golden age of TV too, and I think we're at the start of a video game golden age with games liek the walking dead and TLOU pushing narrative to a new level (for video games)

@Zeuanimals plus bubs for knowing your shit :D

Beastforlifenoob1627d ago

Quentin Tarantino>Every director ever

ShutUpDonny1626d ago

Maybe not the best ever, but he is great. If you like Tarantino's old films, you should try Takeshi Kitano's crime movies like Sonatine. Very slow, but I THINK Kitano was one of Tarantino's inspiration for a lot of his movies.

Rimeskeem1626d ago

You gotta admit that LBP changed the way a platformer could work

ShutUpDonny1626d ago

Yes, some platformers, like LBP, are amazingly originals, fun, and wonderful pieces of art. I just never feel the need to finish those games. After a couple stages, I'm done. It's really just a personal preference.

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truefan11627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Clue #2 that AAA's will be far less frequent on ps4 than in the past. Yoshida is trying his best to try to group AAA titles into a group of military shooters, that is not the case. People just want big budget games period, that is why we buy the consoles. Gamers want more Sunset Overdrive, FH2, Quantum Break, Driveclub, The Order, BloodBorne.... Yoshida is trying to increase the indie value so sony doesn't have to invest as much in big games. If indies were always so important sony wouldn't have waited until after the success of XBL arcade to start pushing them.

"I hear complaints [about the lack of AAA games]. I do realize that some people are only interested in big-budget AAA games. I don't really understand those people.

I actually agree with this quote indies have a great purpose as fillers between releases, but it becomes a problem when indies are the main entertainment of the console. As an Xb1 gamer, I'm still playing Titanfall, KI, Forza 5, and DR3, after already beating Max COB and Ryse. After ps4 fans beat kzsf and infamous, pretty much all that is left is multiplats and indie titles.

GTgamer1627d ago

It wouldnt be a truefan1 Comment if he didn't try to take a jab at Sony Games smfh once again saying Sony fans aren't playing their games.

Skips1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

lmao... You hate on PSN games yet consider Max and Killer Instinct AAA? Max COB and Killer Instinct are mediocre XBL downloadables. Ryse is garbage, Titanfall is on PC and now so is Dead Rising 3.

"After ps4 fans beat kzsf and infamous, pretty much all that is left is multiplats and indie titles."

More like "After Xbone fans are done with Forza 5, pretty much all that is left are inferior multiplats that are better on PS4 (especially PC), and indies .... oh wait."

It'll be hilarious when even more AAA Xbone exclusives get announced for PC and the better console version of Titanfall 2 comes to PS4. lol

marlinfan101627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Its funny how you guys complain when someone says something bad about ps4 games, and they end up with a ton more dislikes than likes. Then when someone trashes xbox games they come out with the complete opposite, alot more likes than dislikes.

And truefan didnt even really say anything bad about ps4 games. He even included some ps4 games on the list of games people want. You on the other hand straight up say xbox games are garbage and come out with a bunch of likes.

ado9081627d ago

@marlinfan sadly that is how this site is. One talks shit to the other about their favorite brand, gets dislikes, other one talks shit back gets likes lol.

AngelicIceDiamond1627d ago

"yet consider Max and Killer Instinct AAA? Max COB and Killer Instinct are mediocre XBL downloadables. Ryse is garbage, Titanfall is on PC and now so is Dead Rising 3."

You forgot to say In my opinion btw.

lifeisgamesok1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@Skips Xbox One just has the better exclusives no whether that's console exclusive or not

Many people don't have gaming rigs it's just a small minority compared to console owners

Microsoft has already said exclusives are their future

The way Sony are talking and promoting indies I'd question how many AAA games we'll see from them this gen

So far Xbox One has the most fun games while the PS4 games have little substance just improved graphics only

Skips1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )


"You on the other hand straight up say xbox games are garbage and come out with a bunch of likes."

Not sure why agrees and disagrees mean so much to you, but anyway. The only game I say is garbage is Ryse. (I actually played that game).


"Titanfall is on PC and now so is Dead Rising 3."

You forgot to say In my opinion btw."

lol Not sure how games being released on PC is an opinion but ... ok. Not sure how Max and Killer Instinct being arcade downloadables is an opinion either. Or are you that bothered by "mediocre"? I was only basing those two being mediocre off the mixed reviews it got from meta and from the disappoint from the one person I know who actually owns an Xbone who played it. So there you go.


"Xbox One just has the better exclusives no whether that's console exclusive or not. Many people don't have gaming rigs it's just a small minority compared to console owners"

Wow, so much spinning from you Xbox fanboys. So do console exclusives like Final Fantasy XIV and Planetside 2 finally count? lol

"The way Sony are talking and promoting indies I'd question how many AAA games we'll see from them this gen"

Just like how you probably questioned how many they'd have compared to MS last gen? ... Oh wait.

"So far Xbox One has the most fun games while the PS4 games have little substance just improved graphics only"

Not sure why the people above aren't complaining about this OPINION either...

marlinfan101627d ago

Its not about the agrees its about the community on this site. The agrees and disagrees are just an example of it.

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guyman1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

What the hell was clue number one?? for a person that so clearly hates sony/playstation so damn much, you certainly love to keep track of latest news/updates, etc. on them. Just shows that you're jealous of playstation's accomplishments such as the success of the ps3 or the massive number of brilliant first party studios they have and the amazing exclusives they brought to the ps3 (moving into the ps4 era).

Clues suggest Sony will bring more AAA more frequently, but obviously you are too young and lack the capacity to understand that.


no, trufanboy does not mean that at all, considering he did not reference his predictably ridiculous comment to the article you're referring to. Perhaps i exaggerated my last sentence. It is obvious that the number of AAA's may be smaller due to increased cost, but that does not mean that studios and publishers don't have to deal with rising costs. Another factor for reduced number of AAA's could be, along with rising costs, rising customer expectations (more advanced graphics, physics, new tech) and the will to innovate(new ip's).

This does not mean Developer's such as Naughty dog, sucker punch or media molecule are gonnna say: "let's instead of taken 3 years to create a game take 5 years" due to these factors. AAA's will still be produced all the time by these studios. Key word "MIGHT