Ed Boon: "More new characters than ever" in Mortal Kombat X

GRTV talked to Mortal Kombat X creative director Ed Boon about the new game.

The main thing that we want to do is introduce new things, new features, new gameplay elements to the mix," says Boon. "This Mortal Kombat we're introducing more new characters than we have before. And introducing more features like the character variations - every character in the game has three versions that have different moves and different kind of strategies involved with them.

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DeadRabbits1630d ago

I wish M$ & SONY execs were characters in Mortal Kombat! Just Imagine what Kaz's Finishing Moves on Major Nelson would be like!

JV1630d ago

I can easily live with this

mrpsychoticstalker1630d ago

Yeeeees . And whinnie the pooh

60FramesPerSecond1630d ago

may they fight till the end of time

ATi_Elite1630d ago

Teddy Ruxpin versus Elmo would be my dream Mortal Kombat match.

make it happen!

chrissx1630d ago

Good news. Flawless victory. Babality

skydragoonity1630d ago

I'm curious to play as ferra/torr

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