Yu Suzuki talks Shenmue 3

Gamereactor recently caught up with industry legend Yu Suzuki at Gamelab in Barcelona. Some of the discussion has already been reported on, but here comes the full video interview in which everything from a potential Shenmue 3 to the golden age of arcade games are covered.

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Bhuahahaha1597d ago

i already gave up on hoping for the 3rd

Retroman1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

glad old school games trickling back let SHENMUE be firsthand .

AngelicIceDiamond1597d ago

Yep same here.

All talk of the game but no action from Sega.

The games dead and its a damn shame.

Pillsbury11597d ago

Don't lose hope, I would love to take care of a kitten and play arcade games again.

caseh1597d ago

Tomato Convenience Store FTW!

sungin1597d ago

the game required more cash

Pillsbury11597d ago

YES Please, I have never crowd funded but this I would get behind 1000%.

Exari1597d ago

Shenmue 3... i dream of seeing the cover of this game

showtimefolks1597d ago

this game needs a publisher, sony do it. You have taken some huge risk with games like Heavy rain and puppeteer(ico,SOTC.SLY etc,)

buy this IP and release the first 2 games in a proper remake. Than start working on the 3rd

koliosis1597d ago

Dude make the game already!!!!!

Marcello1597d ago

He said crowd funding was being researched !! that's a positive. Star Citizen has proved that 10`s of millions can be raised on kickstarter so come on Yu Suzuki san do it :P

I dont know all the in`s & outs`s of kickstarter but surely just giving a try wouldnt hurt, wats to lose ?? How do you lose when ppl are just giving you money ??

Shenmue & Shenmue II needs a HD rls on all platforms first that should get the ball rolling.

I would so donate a few 100 bucks on kickstarter for Shenmue III, first day on kickstarter i would splash the cash so fast then constant F5 for the remaining time.

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