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Tin Salamunic: Imagine playing one of your favorite titles and compiling a list of things you want changed or fixed to make the experience even better. Now imagine personally handing that list to the developer and having every concern addressed. That’s precisely how I felt after finishing Sniper Elite III. I’ve always been a huge Sniper Elite fan, but V2 had its share of bugs and poor design choices. Well, Rebellion’s latest WWII shooter is not only a massive improvement over its predecessor; it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest sniper games of all time. I haven’t had this much fun with a sandbox since Far Cry 3…Yes, it’s that good. This doesn’t mean that Sniper Elite III is flawless. Poor AI is still a major problem and there isn’t enough environmental diversity. But even with its faults, Sniper Elite III is an absurdly fun shooter that shouldn’t be missed, regardless of the platform.

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