Sunset Overdrive Video Showcases New Footage of Chaos Squad

Microsoft and Insomniac Games unveiled the first look at “Sunset Overdrive’s” co-op multiplayer at E3 and today have released an action-packed video which provides more details on the experience.

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thrust1148d ago

One of the games why I got an xbox one

JohnJ1148d ago

This is going to be great on xbox live - wonder if the matchmaking system is good, getting 7 friends together would be tough!

4Sh0w1148d ago

Wow, that looks like a helluva good time.

tgunzz1148d ago

Holy cow!!! I get sensory overload when I see this game in action!

kennyg37391148d ago

I've been on the fence this game, but after this video it's a Day one purchase for me.

bleedsoe9mm1148d ago ShowReplies(1)
skydragoonity1148d ago

This game doesn't look awesome. This game is AWESOME