Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Buy A Wii U Right Now

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have been receiving the lion’s share of interest from media outlets and consumers alike. But Nintendo’s little console that could, the Wii U, might end up winning this generation’s console wars, even though the system is struggling mightily in commercial sales, by winning the hearts of its users.

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60FramesPerSecond1626d ago

I honestly dont enjoy the Wii U. i use it for nothing except Netflix anymore. If the new Smash bros is great then maybe the wii u can be a decent system, but i have hated every game ive bought for the system.

BoneBone1626d ago

Applies to everything and means nothing. Some people bought and didn't like the iPhone... what does that mean? It means that that person didn't like the iPhone. Sometimes, simple things require to be spelt out.

60FramesPerSecond1626d ago

Yes. I know. I dont enjoy my Wii U, but maybe somebody else sill enjoy the games. I have loved every previous nintendo system i have owned, except for the wii u

Highlife1625d ago

Personally I think the wiiu is a good secondary console. Knowing your going to get quality 1st party games and that's about it. The only game I have enjoyed has been Mario kart 8. But the online still stinks the WiiU menu is slow and clunky. It is faster to power of the system turn back on go to quick start and pick your next game then it is to leave the system on close software wait for menu to load the pick your next game.

GameSpawn1625d ago

I still haven't bought one yet. Currently the only games I have any interest in are Windwaker HD and Mario Kart 8 and in both cases it is not enough to make me scramble to jump all over the console.

However, Hyrule Warriors could be my "left nut" game. I've always told people who were having a hard time deciding which console they should get "Which system has more games you'd sell your left nut for?" Basically, which one has the most "gotta haves".

Hyrule Warriors looks f-ing awesome. I'm already a Zelda nut and I've had loads of fun in the past with the Dynasty Warrior games on the PS2, so to have Zelda+Dynasty Warriors is mind boggling awesome to me.

So, I'll wait for Hyrule Warriors and maybe even further for the holiday season deals and bundles.

Utalkin2me1626d ago

Well considering you obviously don't own a WiiU, you would not be making these comments. They have some of the best games so far this generation.

New Super Mario Bros. U
Super Mario 3D World
New Super Luigi U
Mario Kart 8
Rayman Legends <--- the best version IMO
Shovel Knight
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
The Wonderful 101

And that's just a few off the top of my head. Plus they have alot of great games coming within the next year.

xDHAV0K24x1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

why is rayman best in on wiiu? i loved it on xb1. 2 cheevos from 100% . did i miss something?

Chrischi19881626d ago

Rayman Legends was originally made with the gamepad in mind and uses it in many ways and they had to work around that to make it multiplat.

TheWackyMan1625d ago

@Chrischi1988 those disagrees... why? It's a fact, he's not making it up.

Th4Freak1625d ago

Well, I bought a Wii U WW LE on February and its been dry since then, I'm just not into any of the games that you listed except for Rayman Legends and I got it for PSV.

I don't regret buying it though, not only because I got it for $199 but because i'm dying to play Bayonetta 2 and X.

DragoonsScaleLegends1625d ago

New SMBU wasn't that great in my opinion. Still haven't beat it because it's so boring. Super Mario 3D world was way better but once you've beat it unless you want to collect all the stars there's not much else to do. New super luigi u is the same as mario u but with luigi and some of the levels are a little different. Mario Kart 8 has some replay value with the multiplayer but it is nothing new or surprising if you have played previous versions. Never played rayman legends. Never heard of shovel knight. Donkey kong country tropical freeze was difficult and had weird physics to me compared to the snes versions. Controls were also weird and this game did not feel special like the first country game in the series. But it looked pretty good for a wii u game. Played a demo of the wonderful 101 but the gameplay was weird and a little confusing. It might be a good game I don't know. ZombiU demo ran like crap. Graphics and frame-rate of that demo is crap. Completely made me not want to get that game. Call of duty ghosts which I got for it runs and looks like crap. The graphics might look better than ps3 due to a higher resolution but it definitely runs like crap with lag and frame-rate issues everywhere. Virtual console games are awesome but it still lacks lots and lots of games which sucks. The legend of zelda the wind waker hd is an awesome remake. It might be the best game on the wii u and it wasn't even originally a wii u game. It also might be the only nintendo game on the wii u that has an actual story. Why nintendo doesn't add story modes to there games I will never understand. They basically make mobile games but upgrade the graphics so it's not a mobile game. Actually I take that back. Lot's of mobile games have more content than Nintendos wii u games. Come on could they really not think of anything else for the new mario kart game or donkey kong country game. Nostalgia is the only thing making me like nintendo games. I hate when I like games simply because of nostalgia from growing up playing there previous games. The Wii U also lacks lot's of multimedia features. But I guess they expect netflix to make up for it's shortcomings on that side of things. Graphically there are huge differences between ps4 and wii u 3rd party games. I know since I have both. The only thing I think wii u does better than any other console is it's web browser. The ps4 web browser sucks but it's better than ps3s. I don't know why the ps4 web browser sucks worse than the wii u version when they are built from the same web browser. Don't get me started on the lack of ps4 features compared to the ps3.

filchron1625d ago

you just listed a bunch of kiddy games off the top of your head. zombie U is NOT a good game. 3 of those are 2D platformers. 2D PLATFORMERS FFS! its 2014! if you think these are great, fun, mature games (most of us arent 8 anymore, sue us) you probably havent seen whats coming for other systems. i am hating nintendo's direction with the wii and wiiU me and 60FPS over here arent the only ones. (yes i have a WiiU too)

filchron1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

all of my friends have sold their WiiU's (yes even after MK8 came out) dont you think it has to do with nintendo's crappy kiddy direction for the system? (yes i know of the 2 M-rated games coming out for WiiU this year)

TheWackyMan1625d ago

You don't have to be 8 years old to enjoy a 2d platformer, filchron. Your "friends" could not have picked the worst time to sell their Wii U's if that's the case.

Highlife1625d ago

@utalking your kidding right I have the system too and think most of those games suck. I bought the system with my kids in mind. They like most of Nintendo's first part stuff. Just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean he doesn't own it.

mcstorm1625d ago

@filchron lol did you read what you put in your post. Just because a game has not got guns, blood, sex, violence and is not 3d dose not make it a kids games.

Have you played DKTF because if you have you will know its not a kids game.

I find it funny how people say Nintendo's games are for kids when quite a lot of them are not.

For me the wiiu has the best line up of games of the new gen systems. I have an Xbox one and own Forza 5, KI, FIFA, Titanfall and BF4 but that is all I was excited about. I can't wait for Sunset overdrive, halo collection and Forza Horizon 2 but there are more games I'm excited about at this moment in time and I also own more games for my wiiu than my Xbox one.

I'm not saying one console is better than the other as they are not the ps4, wiiu and Xbox one all have their + and - points but for me at this moment in time the wiiu has more I'm interested in than the ps4 and Xbox one.

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headwing451625d ago

Some people can't handle opinions, you're not wrong for disliking a system

JBSleek1625d ago

Well isn't it everyone's opinion that his comment was wrong hence disliking it.

Metallox1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

And I'm not implying he's wrong, but I certainly disagree with him, and I'm pretty sure many people think the same, don't exaggerate.

headwing451625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I'm referring to the people getting upset by the comment and claiming he doesn't have a Wii U. Believe it or not, there have been people who bought a Wii U and currently don't use it... shocking right? It's fine if you disagree with his comment, but he's not wrong for disliking his own system.

Chrischi19881625d ago

You guys tell this stuff to us Wii U fans, but if somebody does the same thing in an PS4 thread, he gets like 200 disagrees, many fanboy comments and basically loses most of his bubbles. Not handling opinion, is not a exclusive thing to Wii U fans.

headwing451625d ago


To be fair, the dude currently has 6 likes and 31 dislikes just for saying he dislikes his Wii U. I understand there is a double standard, especially when it comes to the PS4, but that is to be expected when comparing a console that is selling worse then any other Nintendo system (not counting failed systems like the Virtual Boy) to a system that is breaking records in sales.

Metallox1625d ago

They're not likes though.

Chrischi19881625d ago

That still doesnt give you the right to be an ass to other peoples opinions. Having bought a PS4 does not make you a Clubmember of the "Rightful Ass Ass-ociation"

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weekev151625d ago

Nintendo positive articlr...60fps first post with the negativity. And the whole world was surprised /s

60FramesPerSecond1625d ago

Maybe i should stop posting on nintendo stuff. Nobody seems to share my opinion.

Metallox1625d ago

I don't share irritating opinions.

weekev151625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Tbh mate its not that people dont share your opinion but as I have said to you before you rarely have anything constructive to say. Yes you are not a fan of the WiiU but the way you just unleash vitriol on every Nintendo article wth no basis for your opinion is slightly irritating and this is where you get your disagrees.

Eg a good example of a constructive post of someone who isnt a fan is Ghosts below.

Magicite1625d ago

Should I buy WiiU if I only like to play games like GTA, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Bioshock and dont care about platformers?

ricochetmg1625d ago

You are right it does suck.

dafegamer1625d ago

If you hate gems like Super Mario 3D world, Bayonetta,
Wonderful 101, Mario Kart 8, obligatory Zelda(nuff said),Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, NSMBU(reminiscent of super mario world), Pikmin 3, ZombiU etc... a wide variety of exclusive games, then why do you game in the first place then

BattleN1625d ago

You get so many disagree's mabe you shouldn't even try!

brettski1625d ago

Meh. Well I love my wiiu 💖.

iplay1up21625d ago

If you "loved every previous Nintendo system" you have owned, then you SHOULD love the Wii U. Virtual console N64, Super NES, NES, Game Boy games all on the Wii U, Wii backwards compatibility, and in the future Gamecube games too. The option of every controller possible, including Gamecube this fall.

My PS4 is still not getting much play compared to Wii U.
My guess is you are nothing but a troll who does not even own a Wii U. Also more than likely a teenager.

Why would you use Wii U for Netflix?

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Gh05t1626d ago

The problem with this list is it doesn't appeal to me in the terms to persuade someone who hasn't bought the console yet, but the article doesn't actually do that.

Half the list is stuff that everyone knew from before it was out to one or two months into it. Backwards comparability and the game pad with some homebrew are nothing NEW. Why would it all the sudden convince me to buy it NOW as opposed to before. Cross buy games only works if you also own a 3ds so again not a new selling point. The games mentioned are okay but again nothing that would make me spend the money on the console.

Now the new games coming out soon. Those look great and are making me reconsider owning another Nintendo console. I hate the motion controls of the Wii but if they stick with a controller based movement system for their games I'm back in.

mydyingparadiselost1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I can't think of a Wii U game that MAKES you use motion controls outside of a couple of very casual games, they all support the gamepad and most also support the pro controller. The standard inputs are back dude.

Highlife1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

They also under utilize the Game pad. Mario kart 8 for example why have 2 player split screen when each could have their own.

bobacdigital1625d ago

When did having the ability of doing something and not using it become such a disadvantage.

Gh05t1625d ago

I was referencing the Wii in that comment while stating I was happy that they seem to be going back to ability to use a game pad and if they release more games that peak my interest that I don't have to flip my wrists to play I will buy one.

Geekman1626d ago

Ever since E3 we've been seeing articles like this and negative articles about why they think the Wii U failed.

I'm sick of both of them.

KonsoruMasuta1625d ago

What is up with all these articles?

I swear. In the past 2 days there has been:

X reasons why the WiiU will fail.

X reasons why the WiiU will succeed.

X reasons why the WiiU has already failed.

X reasons why you should buy the WiiU.

It's getting pretty annoying.

mydyingparadiselost1625d ago

The battle for the hearts and money of gamers is long and full of pointless, annoying BS.

modesign1625d ago

to bad the people that want wiiu have to ask their mommy for the money.

wonderfulmonkeyman1625d ago

I bought it with money from my job back when it first released.
I'm 30 now.
Shut your presumptuous mouth.

Ol_G1625d ago

Implying only kids want Wii U how original ..........

ZainreFang1625d ago

So basically, you're saying you don't want anymore Wii U opinion pieces. I know they get repetitive, but c'mon.

pompombrum1625d ago

Being honest, I went into the article expecting to roll my eyes and expect to see nothing that really appeals to me but have to admit, I'm tempted now. Backwards compatibility is a big plus, I've missed games like Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story which certainly deserve a playthrough for any serious JRPG fan.

On top of that the Homebrew channel sounds really AWESOME especially if it lets you download emulators and roms. That alone has damn near sold me but the fact you can get a Linux distribution for the console makes me want to buy the console purely out of respect for Nintendo allowing themselves to branch out into that direction.

Tiqila1625d ago

I find linux rather useless on a console.

you could get a linux distribution installed on the original ps3 back in 2006. It was not worth it and later that feature got removed, but it was useless anyways.

The homebrew channel is a big plus though, I own a Wii U but did not know that. Looking forward to playing gamecube/snes games and not having to dig up my old consoles.

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