Top 5 Games of the Year 2014 So Far

GamingSoFar: There are many video games have released and still coming in 2014. Which is your favorite title? Which game will award Game of the Year title? I have picked 5 best games that deserve to become Game of the 2014.

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1598d ago
AceBlazer131598d ago

Top 5 goty so far...
Lists 4 games that aren't even out yet.

Relientk771597d ago

Only 1 game on this list is even out


miguelr231597d ago

Watch Dogs should be in the 5 Most Disappointing Games of the Year not a Goty...
also im not sure why unreleased games make part in the "Top 5 Games of the Year 2014 So Far"

showtimefolks1597d ago

I think people over expected from watch dgogs, its a new IP. Look at UBI's long history of new IP's and you will see that first game in the series is always to set up the ground work for what's to come.

AC1 was okay game but AC2 was excellent, now i fully expect WD2 to be awesome. I think game being in Chicago didn't help either, it was a very generic city.(no doubt WD isn't 10/10 but its easily 8/10, and that's not bad for a new IP)

showtimefolks1597d ago

lol but some of the games on your list aren't even out yet so how are they top 5 SO FAR?

This is what i have played so here it goes:

Watch dogs(the only reason this is on my top 5 list because there isn't much out yet)

Wolfenstein The new Order(this would stay on my top 5 no matter what, such a under rated game)

Infamous second son(i was very disappointed with this game. Infamous 2 is the best followed by Infamous 1 than second son. The graphics are stunning but not much substance)

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