Yager explains why Dead Island 2 isn't actually set on an island

California's zombie playground isn't quite an island. So what's happened in the Dead Island world since the first game?

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Hellsvacancy1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Dead Continent? nah, Dead World? sounds better

I got it.......... Dead land

Meltic1450d ago

I dont understand why they dont show us some footage of the game or some Pictures. Only a video showing nothing about the actually game and gameplay...

iceman061450d ago

They have pretty much established that this is how they reveal games. Each of the other 2 were presented in a pre-rendered fashion as well. I would have liked some gameplay too. But, I didn't expect as much.

Meltic1450d ago

well PAX east is near so hopefully they are showing something there

Roccetarius1450d ago

They know that this is going to be DoA. It's just a matter of marketing a lesser product.

Ultraplayerxp1450d ago

In a way...aren't we all on an island?

iceman061450d ago

No man is an island in and of himself...unless he's stranded on an island BY himself. Damn metaphysical, philosophical ramblings! LOL

MilkMan1450d ago

Dont care. Ill give Yager a chance. I like these guys. The first dev are morons. They had a good concept and terrible poor execution.

MikeLowrey1450d ago

Agreed. I loved Spec Ops The Line so I'm up for anything these guys do.. Maybe they can nail a pretty good story for this.

Goro1450d ago

The original Dead Island was a fantastic game but nobody gave it a chance because it had a few early bugs that were fixed, i had over 100 hours playing time in the game and never experienced any game-breaking bugs.

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