Wolfenstein – The New Order Review | The Wild Bore

MachineGames and Bethesda dig up the Wolfenstein series from the dead so that a whole new generation can kill some more Nazis.

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OpinionSmasher1630d ago

Really now 5 out of 10. This review completely SUCKS. The weird leaning feature is so u can peak out and still shoot Nazis. This review sounds completely belligerent and from reading it, it sounds like he played a different game then i did. This game is not perfect but no game is. Don't listen to this crap the game is good and yes it has its flaws but they don't warrant an average score for a well above average game. Just to give a point of reference this website gave COD:Ghost a better score. Ha there's a reason you don't write for IGN or someone better because your game grading scale is obviously broken