Next DOOM Will Only be Shown to Those Who Attend QuakeCon

Instead of simply using the convention as a springboard to hype a reveal, only fans in attendance will get the first glimpse of DOOM.

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Derekvinyard131358d ago

DAMMIT! I was so looking forward to seeing some footage but hopefully something is leaked

YellowTempes1357d ago

Yea dude, Bethesda is so annoying. Why are they so secretive about their games? No one knew anything about ESO until it came out and then it flopped. Hopefully this DOOM reveal can be watched on Twitch at least.

Volkama1357d ago

TESO had loads of betas, including an open beta that had no NDA. It was no secret that is was going to flop :)

ATi_Elite1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I'm going!!!!

Anatole Hotel Dallas Texas..........I'm baaaack!

Love that Hotel but this will be my first Quakecon though!

I hope Doom 4 is all I hope it will be or I will be very sad faced!

Crossbones1358d ago


ValKilmer1358d ago

Oh come on people, just go to QuakeCon...

Activemessiah1357d ago

Why the secrecy? it's not exactly nuclear weapon technology... >_>

1nsomniac1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

This is just media spin hype, of course footage will be 'leaked'.

Why create only hype for the game when you can also hype the game & the dying-out event in one go.

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The story is too old to be commented.