Giant Bomb Hiring Ignites Gender Issues in Games Journalism Debate

8CN: If you've been active on Twitter lately, you've probably seen that there's some controversy in the Giant Bomb community. The disagreement is over the site's latest hires, who are white males, and whether this represents a diversity problem in game journalism.

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Eonjay1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I know all sorts of people of all types who play games. So I can say that games don't represent a large number of people who play them. Gaming isn't exclusively white males.

ShaunCameron1624d ago

Maybe not, but White males seem to be the only people who care about gaming enough to pursue a career in it either in video game development, publishing or media journalism. Hence, their overall domination.

Bimkoblerutso1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Well it's just a vicious cycle, then. White guys grow up playing games starring white guys, and read articles about games written by white guys, and decide to get into the industry to write articles about games starring white guys or make games starring white guys.

Even if you feel like white guys have no obligation to diversify the industry, you have to at least be getting tired of seeing so many goddamn white guys in the industry.

...for the record, I am a white guy.

SilentNegotiator1624d ago

I, for one, am proud of my fellow white guys working so hard to get parts in the industry.

Eonjay1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

No, its not because they care more. but I understand your empirical observation. And for the record, gaming appeals to everyone. The best case and the most beneficial for the industry is one where gaming attracts and draws in every type of human being.

DragonKnight1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"So I can say that games don't represent a large number of people who play them. Gaming isn't exclusively white males."

For starters, no one anywhere has ever said that gaming is exclusively white males. That is except for the Social Justice Whiners, Feminists, and their White Knights who create controversy by saying the industry is indirectly proclaiming that it is.

Secondly, RACE IS UNIMPORTANT! I would love to see anyone prove that skin color equates to quality, because that's what this b*tchfest boils down to. Someone asked Samantha Allen "what if he was the most qualified person for the job?" And her reply was "Go f*ck yourself."

This shows us that the 3 groups I mentioned before don't care about the betterment or quality of the industry or gaming journalism, they just want their feelings acted upon and they don't have any misgivings about shaming anyone and everyone into submission.

This is yet another pathetic scenario created by the "I live in the First World where I have access to work, new clothing, food, and shelter, so why not show how much I love living my privileged First World life by b*tching that a white guy was hired for something" people that make up the 3 groups above.

Illusive_Man1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

They only seem like they are only ones pursuing gaming journalism because they are the ones getting the all the jobs. Yes, the industry has a diversity issue. White males aren't the only gamers.

Some of you are so naive. It's not always the most qualified who gets the job. Sometimes it's more about whose the most well connected. That is why networking is so important. A lot of people would choose a slightly less qualified candidate that they personally know over some better qualified unknown. This happens all the time.

FamilyGuy1623d ago

Why does their race or sex matter? I really doubt that they say down interviewing and had "Caucasian" and "Male" as part of their check list.

gaffyh1623d ago

I've never read so much bullshit in my entire life. I'm not white, but would you hire a non-white female, just because of the way she looks, so you can tick the box that says you don't have all white males working for you? What if they are the best candidates, or were the only ones that applied?

It's more racist and sexist to suggest that men or women deserve to work somewhere based on their race or gender IMO. The candidates chosen should always be those who have the skill set that the employer requires, suggesting otherwise is discrimination in itself.

GCO Gamer1623d ago

That's one of the stupid comments I've ever read. It's actually because white males are more marketable in the medium then black males, period. I should know, I've been apart of this industry for going on 7+ years.

LarsoVanguard1623d ago

@GCO Gamer

Writing a blog does not make you part of the industry.

jsslifelike1623d ago


Pssst... It's video games. Video games.

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showtimefolks1624d ago

if i was running a company i would hire only male gamers(black,white,Asian etc,)

I feel like gaming is something male domniated, developers/publishers. You look around and if a girl is working on a gaming site, its usually because she is a eye candy

look at these comments, almost everyone is commenting on boobs and stuff and not on actual reporting

also this is what i don't get, if i am interviewing 10 people and looking to hire 5. What's wrong with it if 5 of the most qualified people are white males?(BTW i am Asian)

isn't job market about getting the most qualified people to your company?

karlowma1624d ago

"isn't job market about getting the most qualified people to your company?"

It was.

And then, affirmative action.

ITPython1624d ago

Nowadays hiring somebody because of their race or gender is considered the least racist and most diverse thing to do. Which is completely moronic and is counter-productive to having a world that is more 'colorblind'. Because instead of companies hiring for talent regardless of what somebody looks like, they are now forced to look at somebody's race/gender and make a decision largely based on that. And may even hire somebody over another just because they are black, Hispanic, Asian, female... basically anything besides a straight white male. Even if that person is significantly less qualified than the white male.

In other words, in order to be less racist and more diverse, companies are required to be more racist and gender biased. Anybody notice the glaring flaw in this plan?

Am_Ryder1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

You know why you "feel" like gaming is male-dominated?

Because in the late '80s, Nintendo decided that to make games sellable, they had to rebrand them as toys aimed at boys.

Before the release of the NES, gaming was marketed, produced by, and developed for men and women equally. The videogame crash of the mid '80s led Nintendo to rebrand it as a male-only thing to boost sales.

It is a complete lie that gaming is male dominated from a customer perspective. In the industry and journalism, possibly because of Nintendo's rebranding of the whole culture. But in terms of gamers? No way. Perhaps white males edge out on the largest numbers, but they definitely aren't the majority. Heck, most of the planet isn't "white male" and we know almost all countries on the planet play games.

Also, the people commenting on that youtube video are the vocal minority. That's what taints this whole discussion. Vocal minorities make lots of noise and visibility- we will never know representative numbers on that until studies are done.

But yes, hiring people on merit is what matters, so 5 white guys getting the job is okay. I think this article's a little facetious and I don't disagree with you there. But I had to address the incorrect assumptions in your post.

UnHoly_One1623d ago

Yeah affirmative action is awesome, isn't it?

NFL and NBA teams should have to recruit white guys to make up half of their teams.

It's only fair, right?

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ITPython1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

According to this nifty Census chart, whites in 2012 made up 77.9% of the population in the US.


I wonder what the diversity loons think about all the Asian people working in.... gasp.. wait for it... China!! I bet when you walk into a business in China, my guess is that most of the people will be, again wait for it... Asian!!! Oh my!

I demand more blacks, whites and Hispanics working in China right now! And we should shame any company in China that hires another Asian person, and require them to hire at least 50% non-Asian people in the name of diversity even though non-Asian people make up a very small percentage of the entire population. Come on, who's with me!

Sadly in this day and age, the minority dictates to the majority. And even when that minority becomes the majority, they will still be calling all the shots.

Back-to-Back1623d ago

Emotionally unstable women starting drama online? Why am I not surprised.

CaptainObvious8781623d ago

Here's a very radical idea for all those SJWs out there.

How about instead of focusing on someone's genitals, how about we hire people based of theirs skills. *mind blown* I know that simple idea won't be able to be comprehended by a lot of the SJWs, but try.

Some people need to understand equality of outcome is not going to be the same as equality of opportunity.

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SpiralTear1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

People on Twitter are already taking sides before any of them know the full story. Do we know how many people who were not "white males" that were turned down writing positions at Giant Bomb? Do we know the reasons that anyone was turned down a position? I don't see how anyone can start making claims like this without being an employee at Giant Bomb and knowing the real reason as to why this happened.

I believe that the "go **** yourself" line was extremely unprofessional on Allen's part, especially considering that the user who tweeted that really didn't do it maliciously. However, the amount of childish backlash from the "community" is a problem and it's why people don't take the gaming culture as seriously. Those people need to grow up.

As the article writer said, this was handled poorly from both sides. The trolls need to stop being immature and avoid slinging the slurs around online, and Allen herself needs to consider any kind of response when you tweet something that's purely intended to be something incendiary.

This is just one big mess overall.

DragonKnight1624d ago

"Do we know how many people who were not "white males" that were turned down writing positions at Giant Bomb? Do we know the reasons that anyone was turned down a position?"

No we don't, and it would be irrelevant to know unless the answer to your second question could be proven to be racism.

The fact is Samantha Allen is racist and misandrist. Ironic considering Samantha is a transgendered person.

As for trolls, I say there is a limit at death/rape threats and docsing (sic?) but SJWs prove the level of their maturity with the controversies they choose to create and the language they choose to use. They are undeserving of civility when they choose to abandon it from the start.

HyperBear1623d ago


Yeah, I have to agree with your comments and most of the comments on this article. I grew up with all the guys from Giantbomb, even from way back when in the old Gamespot days and they have never EVER been racist, derogatory, discriminatory, homophobes, etc. They are an awesome group guys who love gaming and are great at what they do.

In fact, the only time Giantbomb/Jeff Gerstmann have ever been in major "negative" headlines was when Jeff got fired from Gamespot for providing an honest review of Kane & Lynch, which the publishers of said game did not perceive it too kindly. I think this "professional woman" is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame and just started blaming Giantbomb for something that's not even an issue to begin with.

I love this part: "Allen later clarified that she had not applied for the position, and this was not an issue of her feeling slighted for losing a job opportunity."....Moving On Then!

DefenderOfDoom21621d ago

to Dragonknight/// Funny thing is you get mad at people crying racism But you do the same thing by calling out people, looking to be treated fair, racist ! I think this subject needs to be talked about! I think the world is getting better everyday ! It is going too take a long time, before all people are treated as equals , but we will get there! The city in the USA, i live in, the white person is the minority! By the way i love JEFF GERTZMANN and the GIANT BOMB crew BRAD , VINNIE , PATRICK and RYAN DAVIS (RIP)!

DragonKnight1621d ago

@DefenderOfDoom2: First of all, wtf are you talking about with this?

"Funny thing is you get mad at people crying racism."

Where have I ever done that?

Secondly, this person IS racist. Read how Samantha composes herself, and the idea that a non-white person should be hired just because they are not white is racism. She doesn't care what the qualifications of the person are, she only cares about their skin color. And this is hilarious to the point of being ironic when you know that Samantha was born A WHITE MALE!

One would think that transgendered people of all people would know what it's like to live both sides of the spectrum, but Samantha instead decided to be a feminist, bigoted, racist, misandrist idiot instead.

She didn't bother looking into anything, she just pounced on the fact that something didn't happen that she wanted to happen and proceeded to act like an a$$ on twitter.

If your definition of equality is a forced hiring system whereby quotas are increased regardless of qualifications, then you don't know what equality is. No company should be forced to hire someone based on their skin color or gender. Period. You will never be able to make that equality. That is fascist and is wrong.

Dolf0451624d ago

Was just listening to IGN's Podcast Beyond and they were discussing gender issues in games rather than games journalism but they brought up some good points about fan reaction which you can really see in action here.

Robochobo1624d ago

As one twitter poster wrote, what does it matter what color and gender they were if they were the most qualified for the position?

SJW's need to get a serious grip on reality.

its_JEFF1624d ago ShowReplies(3)
ShaunCameron1624d ago

And that reality is women and minorities just simply don't care about the position enough to apply themselves and develop the credentials necessary to make themselves qualified for it in sufficient numbers.

SilentNegotiator1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

For the people disagreeing with you:
"We'd love to hire more women but we can't find enough of them to hire, especially in engineering... If women don't join this industry because they believe sexism will limit them, they're missing out."
--Gabrielle Toledano, executive vice president and chief talent officer of Electronic Arts, also - GASP! - a woman!

Actually, you know what? Armchair experts probably know better. This Gabrielle woman is probably just sexist. /s

gamerfan09091624d ago

The problem, from what I gathered, is that there's no diversity in their hiring process. Ok one guy is more qualified for the job. But when the MAJORITY of your staff is made up of one gender and one race then that's weird and it should be a talking point.

annus1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

A job should be about the better person, not hiring someone worse simply because of their skin colour or gender. Racism/Sexism goes both ways.

ShaunCameron1624d ago

@ annus

But affirmative action is precisely about favoring one over the other because of gender/race despite the credentials just so the company doesn't get accused of discrimination subject to fines, lawsuits and more government intrusion.

DragonKnight1624d ago

"But when the MAJORITY of your staff is made up of one gender and one race then that's weird and it should be a talking point."

Not it shouldn't. You have no basis to know why the majority of the staff is made up of one race or one gender. It could be that no one of any other gender or race applied for the job. It could be that few applied and were less qualified. It could be the fact that companies are generally their own entity and can hire whomever they want to. They shouldn't be forced into hiring minorities and women just because they are minorities and women.

The job should always go to the most qualified. Period.

its_JEFF1623d ago

@DragonKnight totally agree! Look at it this way, if it was your business, your MONEY on the line... wouldn't you hire the most qualified applicant? No matter who or what they are?

Spotie1623d ago

I wish you would stop bringing up affirmative action. It was enacted because of active discrimination in this country, particularly here in the South. Though it's abused now- mostly as a scapegoat, since it's rare that companies get caught being intentionally sexist or racist- the purpose is still the same.

What's it's NOT for is forcing minorities into positions if they're not qualified; it's for giving them a legitimate shot when they ARE. Naturally, if there are a smaller number of minorities applying, their odds of getting the job will be lower.

thricetold1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Really gets old hearing AA is the downfall of all things for white folks when you don't have any idea WTF you are talking about. Its really simple, AA is to ensure that NON whites are given the OPPORTUNITY to apply for said job.

The Rooney rule was set up for this very reason, to force teams to at least LOOK at other NON whites who were QUALIFIED, when before they'd just hire the next white guy. So get it straight you twats, its only an opportunity not a guarantee based off your skin or gender as you all are trying to do to twist it to make others look like beggars instead of what it really is. Like usual.

Nowhere is it written that you HAVE to hire a certain number based on skin color or gender. But no, lets blame the people who have been overly qualified and overlooked because billy knows bobs uncle.

Lets blame the people who are just as motivated but dont EVER get a real shot at what should be based off qualifications.

You want to bring up sports? You mean the same sports that said we weren't good enough to play just generations ago? You mean the same sports that said blacks and whites weren't equal? White athletes didn't lose their job because of AA, they lost because someone other than whites was given the OPPORTUNITY to show that others can be better when given the OPPORTUNITY.

Heaven help us if someone other than whites are successful in anything, the world might fall apart.

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jkendrick1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

What constitutes more qualified? Gaming journalism has gone down the tubes. You cant trust anything journalist say do to all the money circulating in the industry. And for the person who brought up affirmative action, unfortunately we live in a world where all things arent equal. When going to a job interview some people still treat you as second class citizen even though your qualified for the job.

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CaptainPunch1624d ago

How about hiring the most qualified person, whether it's a woman or a man. So sick of these petty ass people complaining all the time. You want equality, then start treating others as equals.

its_JEFF1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

No, that's too simple and easy. They don't actually want it to be that simple/easy.

There is definitely a double standard, both ways.

karlowma1624d ago

This is my opinion... call it an observation.

Groups who have historically been discriminated against claim they want equality, but really they want vengeance.

They want to put the discriminators in "their place", so they "know what it feels like".

They also expect things to change RIGHT NOW.

How many prominent females were there in the games industry 20 years ago? Ten years ago? How about now? The number increases exponentially as time goes by. As the industry adapts. As more women pursue a career in the industry.

Is the video games industry historically misogynistic? Yeah, sure. Just like EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY. We've come a long way, and we have a long way to go. But we're getting there.