Sony’s H1Z1 Gets More Snowy Screenshots; Will have “Great FPS;” 50 Servers Set Up So Far

Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming Zombie MMORPG H1Z1 is getting closer to the moment in which we’ll be able to play it, and today two more screenshots were revealed, in addition to some information.

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MysticStrummer1624d ago

It's a winter wonderland… with zombies. :D

xPhearR3dx1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Why is this tagged for PS4? No PS4 version has been confirmed. All that was said is that it wouldn't be too far fetched given its a Sony company. Just like people are still going on about how they can't wait to play Deep Down when it's still a Japan only title.

I'm not trying to be negative, but we have to stick to the facts instead of making assumptions.

WeAreLegion1624d ago

Smedley has essentially confirmed it. However, it would be crazy to talk about a PS4 version without seeing whether or not it can find an audience on PC, first.

xPhearR3dx1624d ago

Not really. There quite a few games like this on PC already, the audience is there. IMO (and this coming from someone who primarily plays on PC) they should have targeted PS4 first. There's nothing like this, DayZ, Rust etc on consoles. Zombie games in general on consoles sell like hot cakes and consoles need something like this.

Plus it's free to play, there'd be no reason for console users not to try it, especially when there's not a huge library of games to choose from.

Going back to the conformation, essentially is not official. Just like we all knew GTA V was coming to next-gen and PC, but it means nothing until it's actually confirmed and being made.

WeAreLegion1624d ago

Yes, really. This is a completely community-based game. They can't just change things on the fly for a console version. That's why they're starting with PC. They've stated this multiple times. They want to make the definitive survival MMO.

I realize essentially is not official, but this is MUCH more official than GTA V. That was all speculation. This, however, is Smedley and his team confirming multiple times that they would love to work on a PS4 version once they have it released on PC.

xPhearR3dx1624d ago

Yes they can. It's a Sony company that would be working on a game for a Sony product and Network. I don't know if you've ever played an MMO on consoles but everything is server based. Getting patches or updates on consoles is exactly the same as PC. aside from the Sony and MS certification.

That wouldn't be a problem with the game being made by Sony for a PS4. Plus, considering the PS4 and Xbone are nearly very similar to a PC, it wouldn't nearly as difficult as it would on last gen consoles.

And I'd love to play the game on my PS4 just as much as they would love to work on it. Doesn't mean it's a for sure thing.

ocelot071624d ago

Am pretty sure they did confirm it but have said no one is actually working on the PS4 version yet. Am not expecting this to come to PS4 until at least late 2015 my self.

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Foraoise1624d ago

What the hell are you talking about, Phear? A PS4 version was confirmed BEFORE the PC version. Smh.

xPhearR3dx1624d ago

Actually it wasn't because it was never confirmed in the first place. You can even go to the official site for the game and all you'll notice is a Steam logo. Not even a single mention of the word Playstation. You should stop reading what you want to read, and pay attention to the facts.

Foraoise1624d ago

Yes it was. Sh. Don't mislead with ignorance.

xPhearR3dx1624d ago

No it wasn't. See how easy that was? Why don't you try to provide proof next time. You're obviously in denial, or too stubborn to back up your statements.

Foraoise1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Why do I need to waste my time "finding evidence" when a simple google search will show you that it's for the PS4 as well? Don't be stupid.

And if you need a source:

If you need more reassurance, look it up. It's not that difficult...

Thanks for the disagrees, guys! I know how being right is obviously worthy of them.

xPhearR3dx1624d ago

So you link me to an article that headline says it's PS4, yet you watch the video and it's more than obvious it's being played on PC lol. Good job kid.

It's NEVER been confirmed by any sort of PR that H1Z1 is coming to PS4. All these "journalist" need to start doing their job and stop spreading false information so people like you don't get all butt hurt when the facts are laid out.

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RoboticusRex1623d ago

Smedley said "after PC" in an April 14th tweet about it coming to ps4.

Bathyj1624d ago

I wonder if zombies could exist in a cold climate. Without body temperature wouldnt their limbs essentially freeze up, leaving them trapped in their own bodies?

You know how your knee hurts and you can feel the cold weather coming? How do you think a zombie feels?

Pillsbury11624d ago

Uuuummmm... They are zombies?...

sourav931624d ago

I saw some gameplay on Gamersyde of the demo that was shown at E3. Looks pretty good. Though hopefully there will be an option to remove the grain effect from the game, if not at least via mods for the PC version. I can understand that it's there to add to the whole apocalyptic vibe, but I just hate grain...movies, games, anything.

Pathogenic1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

I'm just going to throw this out there to people who are going to purchase it on steam. You might already know you might not. The game will be available for early access. It's in Alpha stage testing so you can purchase the game for $19.99 (stated by development team on Reddit) through steam. This means there will be bugs, glitches, lag, or anything you can think of.

They have been working closely with fans on what they would like to see in the game. So expect things to appear and disappear day in, day out. You can have a say by visiting this site and participate in the discussions.

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