Nintendo Talks About Creating New Genre

Marc Colhoun of StrengthGamer writes, "Shigeru Miyamoto recently gave an interview to the LA times. They covered the whole Tomodachi without gay characters and so on, but the part that caught my eye was the mention of a Nintendo-genre. This is both the best and worst thing Nintendo could possibly do right now."

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AvidGamerrrr1601d ago

Beautiful. Nintendo is certainly it's own genre. Glad they are, let's keep it this way.

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Tetsujin1600d ago

"Nintendo knows that they cannot compete on that level with Sony or Microsoft, going from ‘cinematic-realism’ so they decide to opt out from the race altogether and do their own thing." (from the article)

I don't get this whole race thing; last time I checked the companies each had something they excelled in, and the media/fans who claim there's some magical race with nothing to gain from being in first place.

My respect for Nintendo did go up since in the article it also mentioned they believe Artstyle > Graphics. I can also vouch Nintendo (and Sega) games do age very well; just goes to show Nintendo knows how to make games that last (and can be played years later rather than traded in), and not cater to some imaginary fan war. When Xenoblade X comes out that's when I'll give the Wii U a chance (also buying Mario Kart with it).

miyamoto1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Yup, a genre for young kids and grown up man-children because as Iwata said, "we haven't been targeting children enough."

That is Nintendo's role in the industry. Targeting children. This is how they make money-from children and their parents.


If you look at all Japanese visual art forms from manga, anime, video games, they prefer traditional stylized graphics over realism due to high costs. Minimalism like in Shadow of the Colossus, Black & white like Mad World, solid primary & secondary cell shaded colors, just look at Jet Set Radio, Wind Waker, the new Zelda Wii U game.
Its their culture. Its their style.

But Japan needs to be flexible too like in Demon's Soul.

Nintendo's style does not appeal to a huge chunk of the video game market though. A problem Mr. Iwata desperately trying to solve with the Wii U.

LonDonE1600d ago

Agreed, Nintendo are trend setters! haters can just keep hating!

Rumble in our controllers, Nintendo done it first, L AND R shoulder buttons, Nintendo done it first, the legendary d-pad, yep u guessed it Nintendo done it first! mario 64 revolutionised 3d game design as did zelda ocarina of time with the z targeting mechanic!
Motion control's, touch control's, analogue sticks, the list goes on and on!

Nintendo are the games industry! even if they didn't invent the above they perfected it and made it mainstream! its why even though i own and game on all platforms i will always love Nintendo! these days gamers dont give the big N enough credit.

If they were around like most of us seasoned gamers through the 8,16,32,64 bit era they would understand!
I admit they have gotten lazy lately, i wish they would go back to the old Nintendo, but regardless i get giddy with excitement when i hear of nintendo making a new gaming genre! just as long as it aint any of that casual rubbish! LOL either wy if it it still benefits the industry!

Tetsujin1599d ago

I wouldn't say Nintendo got lazy, I'd say they went through an identity crisis and forgot who made them famous.

As far as the controller with the d-pad (which is subjective) I'd give that to Sega (although both were comfortable and good in their own right).

I do agree with the majority of what you posted though, Nintendo was "the" console in my early years until I got older. PlayStation is what provided the mature experience I wanted in gaming.

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60FramesPerSecond1600d ago

Spoiler! its Puzzle-Platformer with simulation elements

AvidGamerrrr1600d ago

Did you read the article? It has nothing to do with their next game.

60FramesPerSecond1600d ago

Its a joke. A stupid joke, but a joke nontheless

Utalkin2me1600d ago

He trolls every article that's not Xbox1. Just ignore him and let him be. Thats what i just did.

maniacmayhem1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Nintendo's E3 proved just how important it is to focus on gameplay, design and most important fun. While the other boys where focused on flash and CG trailers, Nintendo delivered all exclusives backed by gameplay.

It's funny really, by them not competing with MS/Sony and doing their own thing they actually outclassed their competition.

Artista 1600d ago

Game-play, one should never deviate from that.

The "flash and CG trailers " are usually misconceived. The purpose of them is to depict the concept of the game. Gamers are gullible, they expect CG quality visuals in final builds then get disappointed when the actual product is released.

I think devs shouldn't bother showing anything till they've got a playable build...

LKHGFDSA1600d ago

we already had an article on this the other day.

it's not a "new" genre, Nintendo have been doing their own thing for a while.

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