Can Platinum Games Make the Legend of Korra Game Great?

Platinum Games is currently developing an upcoming Legend of Korra game exclusively on the PSN, and set to release in Fall 2014. However, looking at past Avatar games and their failures, can Platinum Games make this new title a success?

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Nitrowolf21625d ago

I dont think i`ve ever been disappointed by their ganes other than in terms of length. These guys know gameplay for the most part to make it enjoyable

60FramesPerSecond1625d ago

I sure hope the world can have a good korra game

Summons751624d ago

Of course pG is one of the best devs right now. Everything they make is great.

admiralvic1624d ago

They make great games, but I can't say all their games are great or even good. With that being said, Anarchy Reigns was a train wreck. It had bad game design (why do I have a choose a side when you end up doing both and why do you need to do the campaign essentially 4 times to get both endings?), so so gameplay, easily their worst story and many more problems. Still kicking myself for paying $100 to play it too. ~_~

Anyway, I don't doubt they make great games, but I would assume this one will fall short because of budget and design. They can't really use their trademark flash to win people over, nor do I expect them to have a bunch of money to use to make a really well made game.

Rhezin1624d ago

I don't know but the new season sure is awesome!

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