Final Fantasy Creator's New JRPG Terra Battle Is on Mobile; Could Come to Consoles; Music by Uematsu

Tomorrow Final Fantasy‘s Dad Hironobu Sakaguchi Will Reveal his new RPG Terra Battle at Japan Expo in Paris but the latest issue of Famitsu already provided details.

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-Foxtrot1628d ago

Mobile...What a waste of talent, not just Hironobu Sakaguchi but Nobuo Uematsu aswell

christian hour1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I miss Uematsu's music making its way to me through quality games, the last time we really got that was Lost Odyssey :(

Can't speak for this game as I know nothing about it (though I'm about to embark on research), the fact Sakaguchi is behind it gives me hope, but hearing the word "mobile game" just puts a sour taste in my mouth.

"The game will be free to play. Players will be able to complete the story without spending a dime"

This part gives me hope, but also makes me uneasy as we've heard it before but never seen it truly delivered on a mobile platform, bar the free ad versions of angry birds, and they're just glorified flash games we've been playing on newgrounds for the last decade and a half more or less.

-Foxtrot1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Yeah Lost Odyssey was the last good thing these guys know in my opinion. Everything after was pretty average, alright games but it didn't have that spark

Mistwalker need to make a multiplatform game, I know Hironobu Sakaguchi had beef with the PS3 but I don't know if it was the console or who was in charge. Something went on...

Anyway it's next gen, things have moved on and if he wants to make an amazing RPG game to shove in Square Enixs face then your going to have to wipe the slate clean and get on with Sony. Microsoft and JRPGs just don't mix, Sony is where he's main audience lies.

christian hour1628d ago

Agreed, square enix is a shadow of two companys former selves, it's a shame. I was cleaning out my parents attic last week and came across this, i HAD to take a picture.

may regret linking to my personal shit but its worth taking off privacy for a few hours just to share this pic with anti-squeenix folk :P

HarvesterOSarow1628d ago

I have to comment on this because I clicked your instagram link.

Star Ocean Second whatever has one of the dumbest endings of all time. I bought and played the shit out of that game. I got like all the extra shit and grew to enjoy the characters for the most part, and then the end came and I wanted to strangle myself with my own dick. Seriously, if I could have wrapped it in to a noose I would have pulled the ladder out of my garage as a kid, tied my dick to the chimney and jumped the eff off my roof.

That was the worst ending to any video game I have ever played and I will never forget that rage I felt when it ended.

All that being said, the combat was sweet and it's probably worth playing...

christian hour1627d ago

@HarvesterOSarow Em, it has 52 different endings :P It was more about the journey than anything

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Magicite1628d ago

These were exact my thoughts when I wanted to post my comment.

sonypsnow1628d ago

Hironobu Sakaguchi was horified and terrified by PS3 cell architecture, he moved to the Wii & mobile.

Unless Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft fund Hironobu Sakaguchi next game, he'll probably stay on mobile, 3DS, vita.

My Sony Xperia Z2 is ready!

DragonKnight1628d ago

That's not why. He and Ken Kutaragi didn't get along, that's why.

sonypsnow1628d ago


"Hironobu Sakaguchi: [in English] Ah, Kutaragi-san's DSPs and a low-powered CPU. I don't like the PS3's architecture."

Number-Nine1628d ago

why the hell! mobile gaming blows.

nope1111628d ago

Please stop with the mobile.

maximus19851628d ago

they wont, in fact the more you say no the more they give you....theyre into that sorta thing

Summons751628d ago

On mobile meaning nobody cares and the reason you want it on consoles is to see actual sales. Cut out the unnecessary and just put it on consoles. Also go to Nintendo see if they will fund Last Story 2 or a brand new Jrpg. Better yet get the rights for Lost Odyssey since clearly MS doesn't care and bring it to WiiU

StealthPandemic1628d ago

"get the rights for Lost Odyssey"

Yeah like that's ever gonna happen.

Summons751628d ago

I know it's a crazy dream but Microsoft clearly doesn't care about it. One can always hope right?

Also love how I get disagree but nobody has an argument against me.

StealthPandemic1628d ago

"I know it's a crazy dream but Microsoft clearly doesn't care about it. One can always hope right?"

How exactly do you know? THEY NEED TO MAKE GAMES TO MAKE PROFIT. So Nintendo doesn't care about it's franchises too. Metroid, etc!

Activemessiah1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Waste... Square will learn from this once they get burned... just like Capcom.

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