Blue Estate PS4 Review (Console Monster)

Console Monster writes: "I've spent many, many hours holding a plastic gun in my hand, usually after a movie or during a visit to my local shopping mall. I remember buying the PlayStation 2 version of 'Time Crisis' along with two light-guns and thinking I had died and gone to arcade heaven. Sadly, there has been a lack of rail-shooters in these past few years, save for a few of those Kinect titles that made you wish you had a real gun blasting at the sensor. Luckily 'Blue Estate' has arrived to re-kindle those old trigger-happy memories."

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The_Hero1631d ago

This games looks interesting enough.

AgentSmithPS41631d ago

"Pushing sex and violence, the game does not hold back with half-nude women, explosions, flying dogs, and insulting jokes. Some may find these sorts of things offensive, but it's all presented in such a tongue-in-cheek way that it's hard to take any of it seriously."

I was offended by other reviews of the game that pretended the sexy women didn't exist and other reviewers that acted offended to feel special. Some of them were even censors at heart that would rather lessen your experience by removing content instead of adding various filters for overly sensitive types. If some people aren't going to have a complete review there should be a disclaimer or a G rating or something.