Train Simulator Devs Announce Dovetail Games Fishing

Dovetail Games is set to release Dovetail Games Fishing in late 2014. The new simulator comes from the same developer as Train Simulator.

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DawginTow11630d ago

Huh, guess I'm the only 1, but I'm actually looking forward to more info about this. Love fishing, hope there r tropical locales :)

Oh, & console release would b great! Just not enuff fishing games on consoles; perfect 4 winter, cabin fever season (yeah, I'm dead serious, no crazy/sarcasm xD).

Reel Fishing series, Xbox had a nice 1 called Pro Fishing Challenge. Don't really like Acti's Bass games (Rapala?). Heard the Wii/Wii U has decent fishing stuff, tempted to dip my toes.

My fave tho? Sega Marine Fishing...but my Dreamcast died many yrs ago :(

spence524901630d ago

Just tried searching for a next gen fishing experience to no avail. Hearing this is great.