GameStop App 3.0 Update Now Lets You Check Trade-in Values for Your Games

Twinfinite writes:

"Today, GameStop released version 3.0 of their mobile app for iOS devices. This new update, among several other things, allows you to now look up a game and see how much trade-in credit you can get for it along with any relevant promotions."

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choujij1626d ago

I agree. But I'm a bit surprised, because didn't they always require you to bring your games in to find the their trade in value? They would never answer that question over the phone.

akaFullMetal1626d ago

I might download this. But once I see the actual trade in value, ill stop using it. Hahaha

herobyclicking1626d ago

Interesting, though you could also just assume that they are going to give roughly 10-20% of current MSRP. There are titles that garner higher trade value based on demand I suppose.

uth111626d ago

All they have to do is display $1 on the screen everytime a barcode is scanned, why did it take until version 3.0 to add this? :P

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The story is too old to be commented.