Yoshida: Very Hard To Communicate VR; PS Move Gives "Robust Experience" With Morpheus

Yoshida explains why they didn't reserve more space during the E3 2014 Press Conference to Project Morpheus: it's very hard to communicate.

He also added that PS Move is an important addition that provides a robust experience with VR.

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TheUltimateGamer1628d ago

I'm not sure that I'm sold on this just yet. I watched people play with it for a little while at E3 and it looked a bit clunky. I didn't have enough time to try it myself so I can't fully judge it.. But from what I've seen, I'm not impressed... Yet. We'll see.

Alexious1628d ago

I didn't try Morpheus, but I did try the Oculus Rift.

It's a completely new gaming experience, that's for sure, although it's not flawless - yet. I hope that next year, both companies can provide a product which doesn't cause motion sickness or headache.

ChozenWoan1628d ago

I've watched vids of past events and noticed major lag on one of the monitors from when the controller was moved to when it was shown moved. Until they get that lag down to standard controller input levels, VR will not be ready for the prime time.

That said I can't wait to see just how much VR changes how we interact with computers and each other in the future. Hopefully our first set of Nerve Gear wont come with a built in battery powered microwave chip. ;)

amiga-man1628d ago

VR has huge potential for game immersion and as the article says the move controller offers a wonderful way to interact in the VR world, from what I have seen of it people seem impressed I am definitely looking forward to trying it for myself.

guitarded771628d ago

I've used VR pre-Oculus, and it was fun and really immersive. The first time was in the 90's, and the guy operating the attraction told me to "look up". As I did, birds were flying overhead, and I lost balance... he had to hold me up.

What I've found from my experience is that it is really interesting tech, and I'm sure there is a market for it. But I don't see every game having to have one. I'm an early adopter and love tech, but I'm still on the fence until I so how much support VR is really gonna get. And in what context it will be used in.

If it's used in a really gimmicky way like motion controls, then I will probably pass. If it's used to tell immersive stories, and offers a new level of depth, then I'll jump. We know what the tech looks like and does, but we still have to hear from developers about what they think they can do with it. I'd like to see what Media Molecule could really do with it.

sprinterboy1628d ago

@Ultimate gamer

You were at E3 and you didn't try morpheus, sorry you should hang your head in shame, I have tried OR at a gaming event and if morpheus is anything like that it's day1.

Anybody who has not tried it can't really comment tbh as you have to experience it for yourself, it's one of those moments that blow your mind, as soon as I tried it I was like that's next gen.

kingPoS1628d ago

From what I understand, you had to have a ticket pass for the Morpheus exhibit. First come first serve, those "tickets" ran out pretty quick didn't they.

Gateway MT6706 2008

60FramesPerSecond1628d ago

im sold on vr. Sword art online kinda helped me like it more

Geekman1628d ago

FINALLY the PS Move becomes useful.

MegaRay1628d ago

I Remember buying one for Playstation Move Heros and man, i broke it to half. I wont buy it again no matter what!

joab7771628d ago

Damn...I got rid of my move controllers that I got real cheap.

Anyway, all the vids I saw showed amazing 1:1 response. Its in its infancy but if it can remain viable for 3-4 yrs until 4k is all the rage.

My worry for morpheus is the tech. O cculus will continue to get better and better as pc's get faster and 4k emmerges. I wonder how far Morpheus can b pushed on the PS4.

And last, I think its imperative that both triple A titles and exclusives are launched for this. If a company like Media Molecule is working on a Morpheus could go quite far in helping to sell it.

BitbyDeath1628d ago

Morpheus will work on both Pc and PS4, best of both worlds.

S2Killinit1628d ago

personally im more excited for Morpheus games that utilize the standard Dual Shock controller, but I can see how the Move controller (already have it) can be a good input device.

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