Sniper Elite 3 Review - A Bullet For Der Fuehrer's Face | PS4 SX

Sniper Elite III takes on a very different approach to most war based shooters, focusing on the intricate details and damages a single shot from a high powered sniper rifle can cause. In this latest installment by the team at 505 games/Rebellion we are introduced to a much more realistic look at how an internal organ, skull, or splintered bones are ruptured in a gruesome slow-motion effect.

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Frankskint1599d ago

I like games like this, I know not everyone will agree, especially all you COD, Battlefield fan boys out there that like the computer to assist you with auto aiming your way to victory. LOL

I think SE3 is far more realistic experience war game and like the reviewer said, Patience is a virtual when it comes to precision headshot kills.

henrythomas2841599d ago

I am sorry but I have to disagree, I thought this game was absolute pants, and too slow for me to really get into it, and for your information yes I am a Call Of Duty Fan, but I don't always rely on assistive aim during gameplay.

ArronNelson1599d ago

The fact you would admit that you are a COD fanboy, not always relying on auto aim shots proves, Franskint comments and point. SMH.
I pre-ordered this a week ago, can't wait to play it. See I am practicing patience even now by waiting,

Frankskint1599d ago

Well I am glad your auto aim helps you out on Call Of Duty lmao. Fanboys will always defend their games, and never give anything new a chance.

ShadowKingx1599d ago

@Frank Casual Gamers huh lol

i really like Sniper Elite 3, its a change that really does not have that copy of gameplay like you see with other games that tend to put parts of BF3 and COD in it. You just dont really feel it in sniper elite 3. now i have only played like 20 minutes of it but that what i got so far.

angelsx1599d ago

I like the game but can't connect to the multiplayer every time on ps4.

ShadowKingx1599d ago

i know i had to wait for it to finish downloading, but i bought mine from PSN store, you can actually check if you hit options > information.

it was about 20gb for me, idk how much it is for disk versions.

HRoach6161599d ago

I decided to rent this game today mainly because of the game drought. Wow was I ever pleasantly surprised. I'm having a great time with it. I may have to go buy it. I'll see how I feel once I beat it. I really like the emphasis on stealth. It's a slower more ploting game. But I like that. It's fun trying to nail head shots with the sniper rifle then creep in to an unsuspecting target for a knife kill.

For anyone on the fence it has a similar feel to hitman in the sense that it's more enjoyable, for me at least, to go slow and plan your moves/targets ahead of time. Def worth a try at least.

I'd give it an 8 out of 10. Not the tightest game ever, but a lot of fun.

iDadio1599d ago

I loved the second one despite its in your face flaws, this one is on my list to get but for once I might resist and wait till it hits £20 or so

ChipChipperson1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

If it helps, I highly recommend this. 3 really is an improvement over V2, and I enjoyed V2 for what it was. I still had fun, but it definitely needed more improvement. This game feels more like Sniper Elite 1.

Levels, take note, I'm only on Mission 3 or 4, are very open. There definitely are more opportunities to take position at several sniping locations(this includes sniper nests) as opposed to V2, where it was pretty clear where you were supposed to snipe from and coaxed into those positions. The AI no longer has psychic abilities, so it's definitely a lot more fair when it comes to relocating. You're able to actually take a few shots from a position and if the enemy is catching onto you, then you can relocate without fear of being shot at from unbelievable distances with pinpoint accuracy like V2's enemies and without them knowing exactly where you are.

If you're looking for more challenge from the AI, then obviously play on the Sniper Elite difficulty or the new Authentic difficulty, which I think is the same as Sniper Elite, but without the ability to save, something that returns from the first game. You're able to save mid mission and start from wherever it was you saved either because you want to replay a section you think you could have done better on or just keep making the same awesome shot from a sweet spot where the distance from you to the enemy is far away. Missions can be as long as you want really. It depends on your play style. It took me around an 40 minutes to an hour or so for the 2nd missions because it's a pretty big level. You can tackle optional objectives, there aren't many, but they do give you something to do if you feel like completing them. You have the option to tweak the bullet/sniper cam regularity of display, which goes from none, quick, no xray, minimal, reduced, normal and increased(every kill is bullet cam).

You can customize your load out, which is great. You can choose what rifle you want, what secondary you want, and what sidearm you want. You can customize the attachments on your rifle to have better scopes, better muzzle velocity, reduced recoil, increased stopping power, reduced swaying of your rifle for more accurate shots. Take note though, that you do need to make certain sacrifices for some stats as some attachments will increase something, but also reduce something. You can also change the sniper scope's reticle to whichever reticle you feel most effective with. You have quite a bit of collectibles to gather, which also help in gaining more xp. This game definitely encourages the more stealthy approach as in you receive more xp for silent kills, scoped kills, kills masked by sound, head shots, silent melee kills, trap kills, etc.

I can't comment on multiplayer as I haven't been able to play it just yet. I would also still suggest getting more feedback from others, especially fans who have also played the the first and second games.