VGChartz: Global Weekly Chart, 21st June 2014

3DS 99,442 (-4%)
PS4 96,450 (-3%)
XOne 71,311 (+14%)
WiiU 53,294 (-22%)
PS3 48,684 (-3%)
X360 37,372 (+2%)
PSV 28,606 (-8%)
PSP 10,346 (-14%)
Wii 6,320 (-7%)
Total 451,825 (-4%)

EA Sports UFC (PS4) - 283,510
EA Sports UFC (XOne) - 158,511
Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) - 143,370
Watch Dogs (PS4) - 79,056
Minecraft (PS3) - 67,405

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SilentNegotiator1625d ago

Looks like the Kinectless Xbone only went so far in catching them up to Ps4.

randomass1711625d ago

Nice to see all of the current generation hardware outselling the previous generation stuff, even Vita and Wii U. I also like how XB1 and Wii U are making decent numbers in spite of PS4's monumental success. This is definitely a solid generation for everyone. :)

SilentNegotiator1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Wii U is quickly heading back to it's pre-MK8 sales. They're going to need more than the occasional first party title and bought exclusive to keep decent numbers.

LOL_WUT1625d ago

*WiiU 53,294 (-22%)*

Yep it's been on a decline they need a steady release of games to keep the momentum going just look at UFC's numbers. Releasing an exclusive every 3 to 4 months isn't going to improve Nintendo's current situation but then again its VG... ;)

amiga-man1625d ago

What I find amazing is that everytime I look a what VGchartz is guessing at they always have the PS4 at a lower minus score than the xone, today the xone is plus the PS4 -3, but even when they have both minus scores the PS4 always has the biggest Minus.

Strange that a hardware selling so much better has never shown the higher trend but it VGchartz so i'm not surprised

mikeslemonade1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

VGC is good enough stop the nonsensical bashing.

The only thing I that doesn't make sense is they have the 360 and PS3 tied. How can that be when the PS3 has been outselling the 360 for over one year on a weekly basis.

82.4 mil for both of them. Don't let the 360 win.. Buy them PS3s!

GiggMan1625d ago

So everything is at a decline (-) except Xbox hardware... -_-

Spookshow1625d ago

EA Sports UFC is 65 - 70 on metacritic and yet 280 000 people boughh it on PS4 and 180 000 on Xbone? I guess they must really be desperate to play something new on their consoles.

No good games I can think of already available there that you can't play on PS3/X360.

NewMonday1624d ago

I thought people would stop with VGCartz after the repeated fails and being off target by almost 100% from the last NPD numbers.

morganfell1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


It didn't go as far as vgchartz wants to mislead you to believe. The X1 has actually slid everywhere except for Walmart in the US and Amazon in the UK. Everywhere else it is far worse than before. Yet vgchartz keeps lying and n4g with no scruples and their hand out for payola keeps allowing them to publish stories. Stories that have proven to be inaccurate every single time.

I wonder how much vgchartz pays n4g. What is the price of integrity these days?


I contacted the staff months ago about this matter and Cat said there was a new format coming that would allow us more control to deal with stories that are pure FUD. It hasn't happened and honestly I do not think it will happen.

3-4-51624d ago

And they get 2nd sales from MK8 during holiday push along with smash brothers, which together will continue to help wii U console sales.

As long as more good games are on their way, it adds to the total collection of games worth getting and makes it more appealing to buy.

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randomass1711625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I don't really remember Wii U making 50k+ each week though. That was what Wii U was selling across each month pre-MK8, if not even less than that. There's definitely some declination, but it's not as steep as the prior boosts the console got, probably because of the new bundle.

edit: I'm noticing a lot of disagrees on my first comment. In case there's any confusion, I'm just glad that all of the present generation consoles are outselling their previous generation counterparts. PS4 is outselling PS3 (though that's a given lol), XB1 is outselling 360, Wii U is outselling Wii, and Vita outsold PSP.

HeWhoWalks1625d ago

Not really. It's still 25k behind it. It caught them up, for now, in the US, but elsewhere has had no impact at all.

I can only assume that people didn't truly take it as a "price cut". It's more of a removal of the Kinect (the one major thing that helped differentiate it from the PS4).

mhunterjr1625d ago

I dunno, it looks like a pretty significant jump, especially considering there are a number of regions that still can't get an xb1 officially. I doubt it will ever 'catch' up to Sony's overall sales, but clearly, the added options are having a positive effect on their performance in the 'race'

lfc_4eva1624d ago

I think xbox just needs to start selling in very similar numbers to the PS4. Then developers will be more willing to commit to making XB1 games and trying to get the best out of the system. So seeing % rising for XB1 is a step in the right direction. Yes they are small % rises, but it was highly unlikely to achieve a massive boost.

Gunners141625d ago

It worked in the u.s in some way

but it was never gonna outsell ps4 globally....

and who cares about sales anyway??

was the wii the best console last gen??

Utalkin2me1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Whats do you consider best console? The Wii offered something for the whole family to enjoy and play and have fun with. And that was one of the reasons why it was so successful. On top of bringing the family together to play and have fun, it had some nice hardcore titles to complement it.

Sure it was not on par to graphics of the PS3 or Xbox 360. But it didn't need to be or want to be. It was about bringing the family together for fun. Thats the first time i have ever seen my dad play a video game and play games with me. And i enjoyed every minute of it, thanks to the Wii.

NextLevel1625d ago

I'm not sure why people are disagreeing. According to Vgchartz (which overtracks the Xbox) the PS4 outsold the Kinectless Xbox One is the USA aswell, which says alot.

On the US Amazon (right now) the PS4 is 8th and the Kinectless Xbox One is 49th. Amazon is also far more accurate than Vgchartz.

On CA Amazon the PS4 is 12th and the Kinectless Xbox One is again 49th.

Again more accurate than Vgchartz.

Ulf1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Amazon trends go up and down hourly. Telling us what the numbers are when you posted is almost a completely useless anecdote.

kenshiro1001624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Ulf, PS4 is still in the top ten while the XB1 is at 43.

Microsoft's strategy isn't working very well.

Kavorklestein1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Amazon? LOL I don't know a SINGLE person who has ACTUALLY bought a console off of Amazon. I know that some people do, but most of my friends and family shop at actual stores WAY before they'd wanna waste money on shipping.
Amazon is about as trustworthy as a poll on facbook about which console is better. Sure, you'll get some data concerning the topic, but that's only gonna penetrate so much of the actual buying audience in the first place.

IN MY Experience, the same people who pre-order games just for the sake of pre-ordering, are the ones who might trust Amazon's orders like the Holy Bible.

There's way more factors at play than a simple "Who's top 10 on Amazon?" scenario.

But there's no point in discussing anything logical with you, you just do and say whatever you want regardless, like most of us gamers do.. So just realize that until we get a few years into the console "race" that numbers are more for show than actual principle. Remember how big of a gap the 360 had at the beginning? Let's just wait and see, and quit stroking your E-boner to a sales chart.

NullPointer1624d ago


Perhaps this picture from Amazon's Distribution Center represents a more significant sample size than you not personally knowing "a SINGLE person who has ACTUALLY bought a console off of Amazon."

MysticStrummer1624d ago

@Kavorklestein - I don't know a SINGLE person who wants an XB1. Therefore no one has purchased one.

Wow that was easy!

I personally don't use Amazon much, but I know people who buy all kinds of things from there, including electronics such as consoles.

Boody-Bandit1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"Amazon trends go up and down hourly."

Yet the PS4 hovers at or above 10.

Meanwhile the X1 hovers at or below 40 and sometimes dips below 50.

vgchartz is ran by an MS diehard that has been banned at many gaming forums and always over tracks MS products and usually (not always) under tracks Sony products.

They under tracked the PS4 nearly 2 to 1 according to NPD yet here they remain.

morganfell is right. N4G and vgchartz more than likely has some type of a deal. Their website is nothing but fanboy fodder which is always marked down from doubtful to no way. Yet here they remain.

I guarantee when NPD numbers are released Sony will be out in front by a much bigger margin than vgchartz is claiming yet again. MS needs to dig deeper and offer much better incentives or the gap is going to continue to widen.

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avengers19781625d ago

As I always say it's VGCharts, just down vote and move on.

MysticStrummer1624d ago

You're wasting your time with the down vote. Go to the vgchartz homepage and you'll find that N4G has a fairly prominent presence.

The best thing to do is just ignore the site when it shows up here, but that won't happen because people love to argue over the numbers no matter how many times they turn out to be way off.

Magicite1625d ago

WiiU needs MK8 level game every month or even more often to go for a big numbers.

troylazlow1625d ago

Xbox One up 71% Global Sales

MysticStrummer1624d ago

XB1 sold 71k, a gain of 14%...

…according to vgchartz, which means we don't know what the hell really happened.

troylazlow1624d ago

My bad, I was looking at software sales being up 71%

showtimefolks1624d ago

I asked a Ptacher once what he thought about VGChartz(yeh yeh i know Ptacher is an idiot and all but he knows more than us)

He said something very interesting, well he explained with an interesting theory:

VGChartz isn't good if you want current up to date 100% correct Data, VGChartz is a site you can go to and see games that came last year and get 100% accurate date. Their first posting is just that a guess posting, but over time when more info on NPD is released. Than VGChartz will update to a more accurate number

so yes they are not right all the time upfront, but these guys do put an effort in and they keep updating to reflect the right numbers in the end

on topic:

its nice to see every console doing well

frostypants1624d ago

It's not difficult to get the correct data later on. Anyone can do that.

ITPython1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Oh look, PS3/PS4 negative percentage again. What a massively unpredictable gigantic surprise! And oh, XB1/360 in the positive yet again. I am shocked... absolutely shocked! /s

The saddest part is even with incredibly padded numbers for MS (and/or deflated numbers for Sony), XB1/360 still can't beat PS4/PS3. Just goes to show how insanely far behind the sales are in comparison that a biased website known to create fake sales numbers still can't falsify numbers higher than the competition. It must be REALLY bad for the XB1/360. And the month of June should have been MS's time to shine with the cheaper XB1, and it should have beat the PS4 every week. Yet even with low numbers for Sony and insanely high numbers for MS, it still didn't beat it. WOW. XB2 confirmed in 2015.

Everybody needs to make sure they vote down this site. Click on the + link right below "Read full story" and vote 'WTF' on story quality, and 'No' under liking the website. VGCharts needs to be exiled permanently from the gaming community. And if anybody is up to it, summon your botnet and DDOS the site for as long as possible. It needs to be removed from the internet.

air11624d ago


It just means that the ps4 sold slightly better the month before... Considering that now you can get a xb1 for 399 I would hope they get a positive compared to the month before...

You post is what's sad.. I stopped reading at " insanely far behind"

I wonder what digitalraptor has to say about this! Lol

showtimefolks1624d ago

Wolfenstein: The New Order less than 1 million damn, the game is so good. Its excellent

i thought by now it would have reached 2-3 million

Yetter1624d ago

Sort of. If you go check out the site the XB1 is outselling the PS4 in the US and the XB1 still has its worldwide release in Sept

k3rn3ll1624d ago

Actually a 14% jump over last week with no new games out and all other consoles trending down. Id say that is a good sign. If this report holds up which isnt always the case

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Concertoine1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Those Xbone numbers are not BAD, but they needed to be higher given the price drop. That's not accounting for typical vgchartz shenanigans.

I find it strange that the week after the price drop more xbox ones were sold than the week where the price drop debuted.

randomass1711625d ago

That's an interesting observation. Makes me wish we had day by day sales figures. You know how Mario Kart sold like gangbusters in its first weekend? I'd like to see on which particular day it sold the most.

Sayburr1625d ago

Wow, look at the difference between PS4 and XBO in Watchdogs sales... PS4 sold over twice as many copies.

Even last gen has more copies going to Sony than Microsoft, whereas the "normal" last gen was Microsoft selling more than Sony.

This shift will make more and more companies making the PS4 the primary development system, mostly opposite from Last Gen.

mhunterjr1625d ago

Well, Sony had a marketing deal in place for this games, so no surprises there...

Sayburr1625d ago

Ahhh, I didn't think about that...

TheFallenAngel1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

They also have been lowering ps4's global sales. It's been selling on average 100k a week yet it's been at 8.2million for the past 2 months.

SpinalRemains1381625d ago

You caught that too?

Lol. He did the same thing last Gen. He had 360 ahead of PS3 by 2 million for 6 years. It might still be like that now.

Underworld1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

It hasn't been two months but it has been stuck at around that number for a few weeks now. VGC isn't perfect but I think they're pretty close most times though.

n4rc1624d ago

Hard to tell with digital sales not included.. Perhaps more Xbox owners buy digital vs ps4? I know I did but that would be hard to tell without info from ms/sony

Yetter1624d ago

Im an XB1 owner and I buy all digital games. I know I'm not alone

Sayburr1624d ago

Yeah, all of my games are digital... I just don't have that many at the moment, but Watch Dogs is one of them.

Half_Minute_Hero1624d ago

Well...doesn't the PS4 have almost twice as many consoles sold?? powers of deduction.....

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Axios21625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Well done

Looks like X1 has around 75% of PS4 sales utilizing less than 20% of PS4 Countries (72 Countries vs 13)

@ Silenttroll, why would they do that when last gen they only represented 65 - 70%?

@ Randomass171, you'll have to excuse the haters, the fact that the X1 is doing better than the 360, and that the X1 is only in 13 Countries vs the 360's 40+, really, really bothers them, lol.

Silenttroll, 44m in NA, almost 9 in UK, 1.7 in Japan, Germany/France less than 7m that's 61m, almost 25m short, or 30%

@ Jmac53, I agree, it will still hold a much larger percentage of the fanbase given the number of Countries it's in.

SilentNegotiator1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Those 13 countries will probably represent 90-95% of Xbone's sales.
Give up the tired countries excuse already.

You know that they won't be able to deter their own sales by announcing a new cheaper SKU a month previous and then get a boost every week, right? They probably won't be selling 75% of Ps4 in those regions very often.

And you're certainly in no position to call anyone a troll.

troylazlow1625d ago

it's almost 6x more countries.

Also the X1 is up 71% in Global sales since the new Xbox went on sale.

ziggurcat1623d ago

@ troy:

irrelevant - in the countries that both systems are available, PS4 is outselling xbox.

SilentNegotiator1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )
(Yeah, yeah, whine about it being VGChartz, but they just steal the official numbers for totals in the long run anyway)

Xbox 360 only sold ~8.5m (Gee, that's about 10%) outside of NA, Japan, and EU. Granted, Xbone has a few more EU regions to launch in, but they're already in their biggest regions, which are their biggest by a mile.

jmac531625d ago

Sorry to tell you but the X1 releasing in the rest of the countries is not going to change things. At that point I guess you will have to find another excuse.

corvusmd1625d ago

VGCHartz....nuff said...but being as it's all we have to go on for the moment....based on this RUMOR (and how much VGChartz was fact last time):

Nice there's starting to be more competition again. MS is doing well in the territories that it's in, it's weak spots are in Europe and Japan still...where it has little to no presence. Releasing in more of those countries won't instantly close the gap or anything, but not being there for 8 months and counting, plus being at $100 more for those 7-8 months....the competition is much closer than it appears at first glance....more to the point....look how well the X1 version (alone) of Titanfall is STILL doing. ...and you can't even throw around the "it's the only game to get" excuse, because X1 still has a higher games attach rate than any other new gen console at the moment. I actually just started paying it again after the latest update...I almost forgot how much I love that game (esp now that I don't have to do the Gooser challenge the hard way anymore...I got my Goose emblem).

It's still a long gen, but if these numbers are any indication's about to get real competitive in this b...which is only great news for gamers.

BlackTar1871625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

You're seriously looking at Xbox in regions that hold like stated above 90%-95% of the systems sold last gen.

Adding 5%-10% is nothing like Axio, Georgenoob and POG pretend it to be.


I can think of zero reasoning behind disagreeing with fact.

Also how amazing can a game be that you've already stopped playing and forgot about until you played it again even though the game is less then 1/2 a year old?

How amazing can it be?

RichardDawkins1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Those numbers hold no indication whatsoever. It's VG.