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Rocksteady’s Next Batman Game Should Be Based on Court of Owls

GeekParty writes: "The Batman: Arkham Knight trailer shown during Sony’s E3 press conference left quite an impression on us GeekParty folk. It looks like an adrenaline-fueled return to one of the last gen’s best game series — and one of the best licensed franchises to ever grace the world of gamedom. While I’m very much interested in what that game has to offer, I’m currently thinking about what Rockteady might do afterward." (Batman: Arkham Knight, Culture, Rocksteady)

THC CELL  +   49d ago
I thought this was rs last batman game??
TheNewSquid  +   49d ago
Read headline only. Leave comment. Rinse, repeat.
SaintAlpha101  +   49d ago
It's the last game in the Arkham Trilogy, which counts Asylum, City and now Knight.
Outside of the trilogy, I have no doubt Warner Bros will continue to make games (Be it with Rocksteady or not), perhaps another prequel (I can see a sequel to Origins happening) or standalone games set in the Arkhamverse but not necessarily in the Arkham Trilogy timeline.

I think the Arkhamverse is just beginning, and could grow to be one of the biggest continuities outside of the comics.
OpieWinston  +   49d ago
Yeah, they've expressed interest in moving onto making a Superman game.

But who knows, we know that with WB Games having DC rights they could continue making Batman games after Arkham.
christian hour  +   49d ago
LOVED Court of Owls (and subsequently Death of The Family), best Batman Arc since Knightfall. The court of owls would make for a very interesting game, mechanics wise and villain wise, that stories structure seems to fit video game design very well.
Trigger_War  +   49d ago
Shit yeah it would. There is a crazy psychedelic underground maze and everything.
christian hour  +   49d ago

I'm gonna start re-reading it tonight :)
jmac53  +   49d ago
I think it would be best if Rocksteady moved on from Batman and tried their hand at something different. As much as I love Batman, I am sure they want to do something new as well.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   49d ago
No it should be based on Terry McGinnis in A Batman Beyond game.

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