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GR-UK writes: "Hyrule's fields are rippling with Moblins and Hyrule soldiers and Goron warriors, giving a decent approximation of two armies going to war the less you focus on what they're doing. Stop and watch, and for the most it's like an awkward singleton date night at the local pub, NPCs rubbing past one another and staring into middle distance. You just need to replace spears with pints."

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60FramesPerSecond1626d ago

One of the few wii u games im looking forward to. I will want this game, but not $60 want this game.

DasTier1626d ago

Im still hoping for Koei to expand into other "Warriors" franchises:

deafdani1626d ago

I... actually agree with you here. At least as it stands now, I don't see myself spending $60 on this.

However, I must admit that my interest for this game went from "non existant" when it was revealed to "maybe will buy when it comes down in price". So, if they hype it right, and the reviews are favourable, I could end up actually shelling full price for it shortly after release. Who knows.

wonderfulmonkeyman1626d ago

This is gaining more appeal than some people care to admit.
It's quite possible that this won't be such a niche title after all...