Sniper Elite 3 Review "Doesn't play like a PS4/XOne game but rather PS3/X360" | Pure|News

After the release of Sniper Elite V2, Pure|News hoped for a more wide open game and Sniper Elite 3 is that game.

The game has improved but unfortunately the game is nothing more than entertaining, the game doesn't feel part of the current generation (PS4 & XOne) due it's engine limitations and clunky movement system that doesn't feel right after playing recent current gen games.

The Xbox One version, is plagued with certain missions having the frame rate drop below 25 alongside a constant screen tearing.

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Activemessiah1629d ago

Well.. it plays fine on the PC...

Zodiac1629d ago

shhhhh. Don't say that here.

akaFullMetal1629d ago

That is what I feel it is like with Wolfenstein the New Order. There is low AA and bad textures everywhere, too bad it was a cross gen game, would of looked awesome I bet.

BX811629d ago

Looks fine on xb1. Not the most graphical beast of a game but looks good. The mp is a barren land. Hopefully later in the day more people pick it up and get online. The most people I had in a game is 3. The rest 2 players. Meh

angelsx1629d ago

You lucky.I even can't connect to the multiplayer.

BX811629d ago

Wow. What system? I hope it's not a big issue. If you're on XB1 that would explain the lobby count.

Phoenix761629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Well, when publishers stop asking devs to make games that will work when ported to last gen and only want next gen, then games wont feel like last gen to 'you' the author of this article.

rextraordinaire1629d ago

Gameplay has nothing to do with the console's generation.

As far as my experience goes, some games still control very well today even if they were released on the nes.

Some ps2 games are perfectly mapped to the controller, others are not.

Same for every generation of console.

What a strange thing to say...

MrGunny941629d ago

What about a engine that it's limited to gameplay mechanics because of old gen?

rextraordinaire1629d ago

And what gameplay mechanics can the new gen do that last gen couldn't?

Joysticks? Motion control? Voice control? Gyroscopic control? Nope, all of that was present last gen.

New gen has nothing new on the gameplay front. Except maybe for the dual screen shenanigans with the wii u and ps4/vita, but then again, gamecube and gameboy advance/ds already did that a long time ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.