Debunking Video Game Fan Theories: Final Fantasy VIII Squall is Dead

GuardianTV: "Following the commercial success of Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft released Final Fantasy VIII in 1999. The game sported a large number of differences from it’s predecessor and was not a direct sequel. The protagonist of this game is Squall, an angsty individual preferring to spend his time alone rather than with others. This game has a number of fan theories behind it, one of the biggest fan theories is that part way through the game Squall is killed and the rest of the game is a vision he sees as he fades to black. Is there enough evidence to prove this theory or is it too far-fetched?"

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TheWackyMan1475d ago

I haven't played FFVIII, So uh thanks for that.

Chrono1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Squall didn't die, this is just the result of certain plot holes that led some fans to come up with this and other theories.

kalkano1475d ago

Plotholes that don't actually exist.

I_am_Batman1475d ago

To be fair the game is 15 years old. And the title didn't really spoil anything cause it's not a part of the official plot. It's just a fan theory.

TheWackyMan1475d ago

I was just going off the title. I didn't want to read the article in case of actual spoilers. I've been thinking about playing FF for a little bit now, so I didn't want to risk it.

Qrphe1475d ago

Sorry about that, there was no way for you to know it had spoilers

Snookies121475d ago

Ah, sorry I disagreed. I thought you were just coming in here to state you didn't and wouldn't play FFVIII. I've seen a lot of trolls do that in articles.

You should give it a go though! It's a really fun and satisfying RPG. It's got a lot of awesome locales, and fantastic music.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1475d ago

I think i'll choose a song from final fantasy to walk down the aisle on my wedding day lol

hkgamer1475d ago

one of my favourite ff games.


are you a man? if you are then we all know you dont get to choose anything on your wedding day. if your a girl, thatbwould be freaking awesome.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1475d ago


I'm a man lol, I'm almost certain I can convince my fiance, though she's not a gamer whatsoever... she can't ruin this for me ok!?

NexGen1475d ago

This has no bearing on the game...This is just some cracked out theory that influences nothing. In other words, this is not a spoiler in any capacity.

ContinuePlay1475d ago

Dude, the game has been out for over 15 years. Bit late to be crying about spoilers at this point.

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I_am_Batman1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Fan theories are fun. Final Fantasy VIII has some of the best
in my opinion.

Summons751475d ago

No that's obvious to anyone who played the game. Now Link in Majora's Mask....he's dead.

ContinuePlay1475d ago

There's also a theory that Majora's Mask is a metaphor for the 5 stages of grief:

Summons751475d ago

Yeah, I like both of them especially because they work together beautifully. I don't like Majora's Mask because of the timer but I really like the themes they have in the game.

stripe8141475d ago

Nooooooooooo...why squall why!!!! dont leave me!...

ok lolz

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