What is Microsoft's secret Halo spin-off?

Dealspwn writes: "So just what is this new Halo "project line?"

"I feel we can probably discount Halo: Kovenant Kartz for the time being, but we reckon that there are probably five likely contenders for the mystery game."

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NextLevel1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Halo Wars without a doubt.


Yeah, I agree the one type of games Kinect could/can work well for is RTS's and I enjoyed the first Halo Wars, I had it on 360.

Blues Cowboy1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I'd like that. Feel the original HW did a great job of bringing strategy to consoles and Kinect could be the feather in its cap.

"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."
"Build Grizzly."

"Set waypoint."

EDIT: I'm not being facetious: I genuinely believe that voice commands can completely reinvent the console RTS genre by giving us instant access to complex commands and build queues.

Gestures could also be used to select units etc.

EDIT 2: Cheers NextLevel, completely agreed (again!)

christocolus1626d ago

Halo wars was great and i liked the cgi cutscenes.Esemble really nailed down the basics of a strategy game on console.they did a great job, the gameplay and graphics were really good. Age of mythology and Halo wars2 should be great on xbox one.

2014chargerRT1625d ago

Voice commands I can easily see, but gestures... no. To inaccurate for a RTS game like Halo wars.

DasTier1626d ago

I wish they would reboot ODST and redesign it as a more tactical FPS similar to Rainbow Six.

Instead of focusing on a "deep & engaging" (lol) story it would have been very cool to be able to plan assaults on different Covenant strongholds.

There were so many possibilities they could have used, but it feels like they wasted it so much.

DasTier1626d ago

As silly as it sounds an Xbox version of Mario Kart could be incredible. Instead of focusing on one franchise they should involve all of them, similar to Super Smash Bros.

60FramesPerSecond1626d ago

problem is that microsoft has a real lack of super identifiable mascots. sony tried it with playstation all stars and failed. i mean microsoft could have
master chief
meat boy
bandage girl
marcus fenix
and some third party people
i mean thats a lot but, few franchises. ill keep dreaming

DasTier1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )


XBL Arcade game? Cast size could be the same as original Mario Kart :P That means at least 8 and the games do tend to use clones. How about including some original Xbox exclusives:

Master Chief
Agent (Crackdown)
Marius Titus
Banjo & Kazzoie
Sgt Johnson
Sunset Overdrive dude?
Limbo protagenist?
Joana Dark
Sam Fisher
Frank West
Stubbs the Zombie
Ryu Hayabusa?
Steve from Minecraft?
Some Kinectimals?
American and Russian variations of Toy Soldiers?
Alan Wake
Something from Steel Battalion, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Jade Empire or Fable?
The Gunslinger?
Geometry Wars protagonist thing? :P
That rubbish Lococycle thing?

Hell why not get Hulk Hogan from the Kinect Exclusive game in there too! And while there at it have the Top Gear cast from Forza :P

Obviously I'm clutching at straws with some of these and many of them would seem to better suit a Smash Bros kind of game, but I think they have the basis to make something very cool.


How could I forget Sposion Man, Something from Viva Pinata, Goku (DBZ Kinect), and those lame, lame avatars.

Blues Cowboy1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Bring in the original Xbox and you've also got Raikoh from Otogi, Toejam & Earl, Orta, loads of SEGA exclusives basically.

The vehicles, though, is where it's at. Warthogs versus that crazy fast Gears Tank? Yeah, I'd play that. If it was a very slow week.

OpieWinston1626d ago

Halo Wars
Halo MMO...Stylized like Destiny on one of the rings or a planet?

I would kill for Microsoft to take the budget from "Too Human" and put it into a Halo game...$100 Million.

Blues Cowboy1626d ago

For a minute there I thought you were suggesting that Silicon Knights made a Halo game... so much wrong with that! :P

But considering that a Halo MMO was in the pipeline at one stage, it's not totally beyond the realms of possibility.

UbiquitousClam1626d ago

I think they canned the Halo MMO because they saw it was going to be ludicrously expensive, Plus seeing how names like elder scrolls and even Star wars couldn't find success I don't think they would consider it again.

I would like to see them try a third person game though seeing as Halo CE was originally a third person game.

OpieWinston1626d ago

Not talking Halo MMORPG
And that got canned when Ensemble Studios was closed... They're now reopening RTS studios and bringing back Age of Empires/Age of Mythology/Rise of Nations/Etc...

That's why I was suggesting giving it a MASSIVE budget, and following Destiny style of gameplay mechanics.

A fully explorable world with plenty of stuff to do.

I'm just saying if Destiny becomes a success maybe it'll give Microsoft the reason to lease a massive budget Halo game alongside the Halo series.

Maybe if Destiny/Fable Legends sell decently well it'll give a solid reason for it.

brotherlymoses1626d ago

As long as it's not halo wars I'll be happy. I rather have another ODST game with firefight.

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