GRID Autosport Review [Kuma Kreations Ent]

Seph_Dean wrote: Leave it to CodeMasters to come in and help subdue your crave for speed this summer, and speed is what you will get from GRID AutoSport! Now normally I would be just chilling back on my couch with my controller expecting to do some flashy Arcade-style racing like GRID 2 was pulling, well I assumed wrong....waaaay wrong! It seems CodeMasters got serious and took it back a notch away from all the mundane arcade racing and went full force technical simulation style. And when I mean technical, I'm talking about knowing your gear ratios, your suspensions, your braking, speed levels, your tires, and etc! You will be getting back learning to tune your car. And I like it, and it's about damn time! It's been a long time since I had to be very serious in a racing game and try to have a real sense of driving with precision and techniques. Hell I even dusted out my old Logitech G25 steering wheel and it gotten even more fun. And yes they brought back the cockpit view this time!

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