Halo 5: It's Time for Master Chief to Develop or Die

Will we finally get to see who's really behind the helmet in Halo 5? Is there a real character under there?

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60FramesPerSecond1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Thats a little harsh. You project yourself into Master chief. Nobody hates link because of his lack of character development

Godmars2901544d ago

Link's character development happen within the context of most of his games. The actions of the players.

With MC, as with most modern video game "heroes" its been through spoon-fed cutscenes.

mhunterjr1544d ago

Actually, MC and Link's characters are developed in the exact same way...

choujij1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

@mhunterjr "Actually, MC and Link's characters are developed in the exact same way..."

I wouldn't say they're equal comparisons. Link not being the same person in every Zelda game allows the character to develop much more independently, on a per game basis.

Half_Minute_Hero1544d ago

Master Chief developed quite a lot in Halo 4, no?

Elit3Nick1543d ago

Absolutely agree, 343 seems intent fleshing out Chief's character, compared to the faceless badass soldier of old.

showtimefolks1544d ago

lol yeh right MS will never Kill master cheif. Sony will never kill Kratos,Drake

Kojima will never really kill Snake

these Characters belong some to of the biggest IP's so why would publishers kill them. One thing i do agree with is that Master Chief could be such a better Character, but instead we we stuck majority of the times as a generic hero

ifistbrowni1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I dont see Uncharted 4 ending any other way. Either Drake dies or someone really close to him (Elena or Sully). This is the second time they've said it was the last one, but this time I'm pretty sure they mean it.

As for Master Chief, there was a lot of character development in Halo 4. After what happened to Cortana, you could "feel" the change in Master Chief. I suspect Master Chief is going to put himself into dangerous situations in Halo 5.

showtimefolks1544d ago


yeh i agree MC evolved somewhat in halo 4, here is hoping that continues on a bigger level in halo 5

no way drake,sully or elena will die. I see a very happy ending coming to UC series. This way if UC4 does very well, sony can continue it under a different developer.(also i full expect UC4 to be the best selling UC game in the series, i wouldn't be surprised if UC4 sells 10 plus million. ND fanbase is just growing and growing)

ND just don't like doing sad endings

ShinMaster1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

"You project yourself into Master chief."

No you don't. No one really does.
Dude talks. He speaks for himself and there's no decision making on your part. He's a defined character, from his looks to his background story.

Volkama1543d ago

He talks very little in the games. He has a pretty fleshed out backstory for anyone that has the desire to look into it.

Halo does a pretty good job of treading the line that allows them to satisfy the people interested in the lore, without pushing away the people that just want to shoot aliens and make things explode.

Magicite1543d ago

As much a Im aware, he is a mascot of xbox, so killing him would be as bad as returning to DRM policies...or not?

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no_more_heroes1544d ago

From what I an gather, that sounds like its on the cards for Halo 5. However, Master Chief was always supposed to be someone you plug yourself into.

"You are Master Chief", as opposed to "you play as Master Chief."

Illusive_Man1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Read the got damn books. Chief is a highly developed character and 343i is much more willing to go into the source material than Bungie ever was. Halo 4 had a great narrative.

Team_Litt1544d ago

MC developed plenty in Halo 4. That's what made it the best Halo sp game ever.

YOU need to develop or...okay I'm getting emotional again.

GusBricker1544d ago

Somebody is about to get Litt Up!

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