Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition review | PS4 Daily

Drinkbox has set the standard for next-gen ports.

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Revolt131540d ago

Free for Xbox One tomorrow :)

Why o why1540d ago

Great gift....solid gameplay. Will probably buy it again as I got the last one as a gift. I put a lot of combos into that

Revolt131540d ago

You cant disagree with my comment...its literally a fact

brotherlymoses1540d ago

Nice! Can't wait to play for free on Xbox one!

Godz Kastro1540d ago

Ive been interested in this game since I saw it on the Vita. Free on x1 cant wait to try it out. Falling in love with 2D side scrollers again.

iDadio1540d ago

Excellent game in most aspects and I strongly recommend anyone to play it (seeing as you guys can play it for free you have literally no excuse for missing out).

shinrock1540d ago

Didn't want to play at 1st. I almost did the same thing with max hut iplayed it and really like the gameplay, so ill give this a spin today, thx M$.

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