The Last Of Us Fan Film "Trust" Is A Rough Watch

"Things don't turn out pretty when two survivors find they can't quite trust each other."

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Rickgrimes951476d ago

Damn.... Pretty dark shit

Evilsnuggle1476d ago

i thought it was pretty good .

Rickgrimes951476d ago

I thought it was too wasn't saying anything bad lol just saying it was dark

Sm00thNinja1476d ago

That was painful to watch. Great production values, but leave the storytelling to the great developers at Naughty Dog

pody1476d ago

The acting was horrible.

WeAreLegion1476d ago

Apparently, The Last of Us inspires people to make movies about other things.

WeAreLegion1476d ago

Greg Nicotero loved The Last of Us. It inspired some situations in season four.

Qrphe1476d ago

Or don't and watch good shows instead

darren_poolies1476d ago

Why anyone watches that pile of garbage is beyond me.

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