Last-Gen Exclusive Escape Dead Island Announced

At E3 this year, gamers were treated to the announcement of Dead Island 2 for new-gen systems. It appears that older systems haven’t totally been forgotten, as a new Dead Island game has just been announced for 360, PS3, and PC.

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Meltic1599d ago

I dont know about this. What do you guys Think ?

dumahim1599d ago

Looks better than 1 and Riptide. It's sort of short on details though, so we'll see.
I like that it's not MMO-like but a little bummed that it isn't co-op either.

BattleReach1599d ago

I think I'll just wait for Dead Island 2. Looks fun, though.

Chespin1599d ago

Dev teams need to focus on this gen. Let last gen die.

bjshepp1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Last Gen still has a large install base. It would be foolish for companies to outright abandon last Gen consoles this early into the generation.

dumahim1599d ago

So does the Wii. Does that mean they should make Wii games instead of Wii U games?

MysticStrummer1599d ago

@dumahim - They aren't making last gen games instead of current gen games. They're making both.

Testfire1599d ago

The Wii may have sold a lot, but it's "active" user base is tiny. The active user base for PS3/360 is still significantly large. The new consoles haven't even been out a year, it's too early to cut last gen support. Personally, I'd say this coming holiday season should be the last for new last gen games to release.

Dirtnapstor1599d ago

Too many too quick? Dying Light, Dead island 2, Epidemic, now Escape (ios I thought at first). Be nice if it was a preorder bonus for Dying Light, which is the only one I'm really looking forward to.

Kane221599d ago

Dying light is being published by warner brothers not deep silver.

Dirtnapstor1599d ago

Thought it was the same developing team?

WeAreLegion1599d ago

Stealth in a zombie game? Hm... I'll see how this plays out. I did enjoy Lead and Gold a lot though.

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