Core gamers uncomfortable with industry growth - Moore

EA COO says gaming should embrace disruption or risk suffering the same fate as the pre-Napster music industry

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60FramesPerSecond1625d ago

Industry growth is good if innovation still exists. Buy what you want, tell companies what you dont. I think games still innovate today, but VR needs to happen soon, and have many innovative games with it.

MurDocINC1624d ago

I'm not worried with EA recent screw ups(bf4, simcity) and lack of good games(besides sports), it's only a matter of time before they fall.

ABizzel11624d ago

Core gamers have no problem with industry growth. They have a problem with the industry trying to nickel and dime us every chance they can get, for the sake of fattening the pockets of people who are already multi-millionaires.

We want to go the the store spend our $60, and get a game that was well worth the asking price. A DLC pack down the road is fine.

But when you have DLC on disc, Day 1 DLC (which should have been on disc to begin with), charging for season passes, and microtransactions trying to become the norm, then of course we're going to say "NO".

We are your source of income. Without gamers spending money on games there is no EA, Ubisoft, Activision, etc..., so treat your customers nicely, and you'll be paid. Become scumbags, and suffer.

The gaming community is becoming more and more vocal (for better and worse at times), but there are also many gamers who are becoming more informed which is exactly what needs to happen to stop corporations from being dictators, and to give the consumers a better leg to stand on against these corporations.

dcj05241624d ago

Really? Imo Battlefield 4,TitanFall,Crysis 3,Medal of Honor:Warfighter and plants vs Zombies were all pretty well recceived. Then again, define good. To me good is any thing above 69( obviously it's case by case too)

1624d ago
NextLevel1624d ago

Depends on what 'growth' means.

If 'growth' means everything working out better for you than us, than yeah gamers are uncomfortable with it and I don't blame them.

danny8181624d ago

^^^^^ the dlc pack that come out every 3 or 4 months really are disappointing... they want us to buy an extra game basically for maps or goodies the game should of launched with in the first place

JRobes1624d ago

the only reason DLC ever caught on is bc gamers found worth in it and devs found profit in it. If you don't like it don't buy it, and they'll eventually stop doing it. I for one have never bought a single DLC item for any game.

danny8181624d ago

I never buy it... but I feel like im being cheated off some content sometimes. I have has this mentality that's why dlc never got a dollar from me

dcj05241624d ago

If u don't like DLC don't buy it. Easy

modesign1624d ago

is he talking about the mobile market,

F4sterTh4nFTL1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Core gamers are not afraid of industry growth they are afraid of milking franchises, bucket loads of overpriced dlc, drm, unoptimized games, buggy games, rushed games, short games, forced online in single-player games, horrible micro-transactions etc.

JBSleek1624d ago

Basically Core gamers are hard to please anyway.

cyguration1624d ago

No, we just don't like being screwed.

Pogmathoin1624d ago

Core gamers understand where the future is for gaming.... I think core gamer gets confused with fanboy, who would bring gaming to its knees, as they think they are entitled to everything.

1624d ago

We are not hard to please, a lot of gamers were quite pleased with the sort games we were getting two generations back.

We felt like we were getting good value for money, games that were great experiences right off the disc, gameplay and story that was interesting and diverse...

Now with the introduction of online we were told games would expand on that but, well in my opinion most games have diminished in that. If I am honest thought I don't believe it is the dev's, I believe it's more the publishers.

Nobody wants to tell it like it is, somehow it's us gamers fault because we want to much. they keep pushing crap we don't ask for and then come up with stupid statements like this when "gamers" don't jump all over their crap.

JBSleek1624d ago

Here's the thing though. As a consumer you have all the power. That long list of things wouldn't happen if people didn't buy into them. Also some of those things aren't inherently bad such as DRM, micro-transactions, DLC.

Also not quite sure what a core gamer or what people tend to say a real gamer is. If you play Angry Birds for 20 hours a week you are most certainly hardcore.


looks like I will just go back to boycotting ~EA games this gen.

For a very, very long time I didn't touch EA games. The first EA games I bought last gen were Dead Space 1 and Mirrors Edge. Then the BF games.. it took me a very long time to convince myself to buy into their games.

They keep talking this way...

Spotie1623d ago

It's not that hard to explain.

Core gamers care about the industry. They will put the health of the industry over their own desires, to a certain degree, in that they will miss out on games they want to play if not buying sends a message that is beneficial to the industry.

A core gamer would pass up on a console from their favorite manufacturer if that manufacturer was trying to do something bad for the industry.

They differentiate themselves from fanboys in that they aren't blind to the flaws of their favorite whatever. And they're different from casuals because they have more then a passing interest in the hobby.

See? Not so hard. Just have to think a bit.

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pompombrum1624d ago

This, Peter Moore is once again showing his complete ignorance/arrogance towards gamers. Then again nothing new, I think his whole interview does a fantastic job of highlighting exactly what EA is about and why so many gamers hate them so much.


no point hating them if we keep going out and buying their games. we need to speak with our wallets.

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