ZTGD | Super Ultra Dead Rising 3′ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha (XB1) Review

Ken McKown writes: Dead Rising 3 was by far my favorite launch title on either next-gen console. The creators finally took what I hated about the series and erased it from existence. Now, over six months after release they have given me reason to return to the fray with what is possibly the most bizarre and fantastic piece of DLC ever created. Sporting what may be the longest name in history, Capcom’s latest pokes fun at it’s ridiculous naming conventions while also delivering the definition of fan service. For those that still have a copy of Dead Rising 3, this DLC is a must-get.

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Dannyh1624d ago

Anybody who loved the Dreamcast and cannon spike check this game, most fun I had with a game all year