TLOU: Remastered on PS4: "Programmers Sacrifices Life To Hit 1080/60fps", 30 vs 60 FPS & New Details

Hitting 1080p/60 fps on Playstation 4 for The Last of Us: Remastered wasn't an easy task and programmers at Naughty Dog have to sacrifice their lives.

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NextLevel1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

When they say life, they mean kittens.

Eonjay1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Nooooo! :0

badz1491632d ago

you mean puppy, right?

hkgamer1631d ago

they killed kittens.., those bastards

RedSky1631d ago

Oh for the love of god, can people ease up on the TLOU Remaster 'news'?

Yes, it's 60 FPS, yes it looks very pretty.

Naughty Dog are our new deities. Okay? Can we move on now?

The amount of fanboyism over the past few weeks for just a remaster makes circle jerks look tame.

jebabcock1631d ago


Hey at least these articles aren't titled: "What the x1 still does better than ps4" or "X1 has the best exclusive lineup" or some other pure flame bait title... If you aren't interested in TLOU then just stop at the title and go on... Not hard..

Personally, I have the PS3 version but the jury is still out on whether I'm going to get the remastered or not.

mikeslemonade1631d ago

^ it's good news because the remake is warranted. The game looked good on PS3 but you can tell where the game can be enhanced. Just like how GTA5 was great but the full potential of the game was hampered because of the hardware.

UltraNova1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Clearly you havent been around before Titanfall's release havent you? I mean if you find TLoU's 'news' influx to be overwhelming that is...

Lets have some fun,
I will grade the amount of hype and news flow of Titanfall and TLoU based on Dragonball Z power leveling!

TLoU: 79
Titanfall: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see?

EDIT: Oh and yes if games had a deity it would be Naughty Dog.

RedSky1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


But it's the same rabid fanboyism, that's my point.

This site could use some more skepticism from its users instead of just lapping up every bit of PR thrown at them.

"Programmers Sacrifices Life To Hit 1080/60fps"

Really? People can't see this as sensationalist PR? As it is, I can't be the only one who avoids the comments because they make me cringe.

A game looks great? Awesome. When it comes out you can judge it on the promises made. A remake promises to have an ultra smooth framerate? Excellent, when the reviews come out, you can verify this is true.

Instead people get into a rabid fever over previews, then when the game comes out they're so invested in it that even if it's bad they're not willing to admit it (and no I'm not talking about TLOU or Titanfall but in general).

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Meltic1632d ago

Seriously who disagreed youre comment for Amazing game?. What a jerk. This game is Amazing !!

Stapleface1632d ago

Someone who has a different opinion. I'm just going to guess that. But me personally I look forward to trying the game for the first time. I didn't play it when it released due to not having a ps3. I hope it turns out to be as awesome as many people say it is.

Gh05t1632d ago

Yes because if you don't like what I do you are a jerk. We should all love the exact same things and live the exact same way with the same likes and dislikes. All hail the death of individualism and personal tastes.

Meltic1632d ago

but if you dont like the game why are you here and Reading this article about this game then ? just wonder

Spotie1632d ago

Yeah, because the people in this article are folks who don't like the game.

That makes a whole lotta sense...


I have played a little and it was really interesting, My 1st game I get on PS4 in about a month!

XB1_PS41631d ago


You can like a game without thinking it's amazing, and you can read any article you want whether you like a game or not. They could also be disagreeing because it's a content-less post, with no input on what the article is actually about. "amazing game" seems like a lazy way to jump on the first post.

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Freedomland1632d ago

So the masters do the remaster.

jmac531631d ago

The masters do the remaster masterfully.

purpleblau1632d ago

indeed, but I feel like ND is making too much advertisement this time. At least too much info about this remastered game. Well, they want to boost the sale, no doubt.

supes_241631d ago

It isn't ND doing all the advertising. I havent seen copious amounts of tv ads about the game. It's journalist wanting to get info on one of the best, most awarded game of last gen being ported to current gen with updated visuals, added DLC, and 60 FPS on SP and MP. That's a huge achievement. They did such amazing work on the PS3, we can only imagine what this will play like on the PS4. I played it on PS3 and I can't wait to play it again on PS4 with the DLC for $50. Its by far the best game I've ever played and can't wait to do it again on current gen.

That's why this is getting so much attention. Most awarded game n recent memory so it's news for gamers.

slasaru011631d ago

Not only ND, but also too many news on N4G.
As if there are no other games

Braid1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Oh for f*cks sake, why is 1080/60 fps suddenly a big deal? Such a big deal that they have been bragging about for like, news coming right and left for A WHOLE WEEK? Do I have to read an article per day about how "amazing TLOU 1080p 60 fps looks, how much of a difference will 1080p 60 fps make, how devs saying that 1080p 60fps looks glorious on TLOU are right"? And today comes this: devs sacrificed their LIVES to ACHIEVE 1080p 60 fps!

Mate, let's draw a red line here. It's not the second coming of Jesus. It's not a revolutionary achievement. And I'm a big, big fan of TLOU, and I believe it's easily the game of the last generation but HOLY CR*P did they turn the whole 1080p 60 fps thing into a marketing tool! I mean you're responsible for this to happen actually, you console gamers have been so obsessed with 1080p 60 fps that it's now something that overshadows a game that is PURELY ART. What a shame for us all as an industry.

I have been playing at 1080p for like, five years maybe on my PC. This isn't something new for me, actually it's such an old gig. Future is 4K, not 1080p 60 fps so don't act like it. This madness has to stop, seriously. I mean, sacrificing their lives to achieve this?

What's the next news will be, devs sold their kidneys to achieve 1080p/60 fps? It's a friggin' last gen game, of course it's going to hit 1080p/60 fps, otherwise it would show us that PS4 has a cr*ppy hardware. Achieve that for Uncharted 4 and then we're going to have something to talk about.

StrawberryDiesel4201631d ago

That's because it's really hard to make a console game run at 1080p with a locked 60FPS with ZERO SCREEN TEARING. Naughty Dog should be proud of themselves, name one other game developer that can make a game like this run at 1080p 60FPS with no screen tearing.....I'm waiting....

duckmysick1631d ago

If ND wants to be the best like they claim to be.. They have to take charge of it, and set benchmarks for the console industry.. If the uncharted 4's trailer graphics remain that good @1080p / 60 fps, nobody ell be able to touch them.

I personally want to know every step of progress. And they deserve a lil cockiness as well.

Braid1631d ago


Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes?

Half_Minute_Hero1631d ago

If the PS3 ran this game at 720P/30fps and the PS4 is as powerful as people brag about, then it shouldn't be a big deal to run a last gen game at 1080/60, now should it?

SpinalRemains1381631d ago

We want the best the machine has to offer.

If you're upset by it, take a break from here and go play some games, brother.

No one is hurt, no one is insulting anyone. We are just happy that a first party studio is going above and beyond.

Its ok

CertifiedGamer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I agree with Braid on this one, this is a last gen game meaning people shouldn't expect anything less, and the title of this article is ridiculous seriously sacrificing their lives, did someone die during the development of this port? Naughty Dog just did what they are paid to do like any other developer. If making a game is sacrificing lives then you could say that with just about any job. Sacrificing lives is what Soldiers do for their representing nation and die. What Naughty Dog did is invest time which is very different than sacrificing a life. They made the port to make money which in return isn't a sacrifice because they will reak from the benefits of the port. If you dudes don't know what sacrificing lives is then the system has failed you miserably and you need to pick up a dictionary and start learning and gaining knowledge.

CertifiedGamer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

@SpinalRemains138 so going above and beyond means making a last gen game run as it's suppose to on current gen system. So from your view if they would have made last of us [email protected] that would have been acceptable? It apparently is because you claim that [email protected] is above and beyond. You know what above and beyond means to me, when they make a game that graphically pushes the PS4 to its limits and maxing out the power of the consoles resources all while making it look good. The only people I would think would want LOU have the PS4 pushing itself to its limits is the X1 fanboys but to hear a fellow PS4 gamer say that is a shame. Sorry but Naughty Dog isn't pushing the PS4 above and beyond with LOU and I hope they don't with Uncharted 4. I hope that the PS4 can have games graphically improved for at least 3 years before reaching it's graphical peak. Maybe LOU2 will push it in 2017.

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slasaru011631d ago

Isn't there too many news about LOU?
They could have put them into one

sam_job1631d ago

yes indeed... and it will definitely raise the bar on playstation 4 as well....

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pwnsause_returns1632d ago

I wouldnt mind if they provided a FPS lock on the single player, give the player a choice in how they want to play the game. play it on 30 if you prefer the game to have a cinematic look or play it 60fps if you want to play it like a soap.

F4sterTh4nFTL1632d ago

60 fps is always better for games. Cinematic look can be achieved through post-processing, not a lower frame-rate.

tuglu_pati1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

"cinematic look"

Dat word :/

I do agree 60fps all the way

PersonMan1632d ago

What's wrong with having the option to play it at 30fps like some people prefer.

60fps is over-rated.

Way more detail can be achieved if the frame rate is dropped to target 30fps.

pwnsause_returns1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Let me rephrase that.... The cinematic look, aka the 24fps effect we see in movies... Goddamn man, you guys are out for blood...

Sure 60fps all the way, but some games deserve such an effect. This game was to me and to a lot of us a cinematic experience, he'll it was better than most of the movies that where in theaters last year.
so why not give it that deserving feature? I can understand that multiplayer needing 60fps..but the single player? Give an option for that at least..

KUV19771632d ago

Yes, I want the choice 60fps regular or 30fps 3D... why is 3D dead? Trine in 3D looks awesome...

Raf1k11632d ago

3D TV adoption didn't really take off the way the tech companies wanted it to so it's not really worth the extra time and resources to add 3D to a game anymore.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891632d ago

What do you mean almost every tv in the last year or 2 is 3d I think the real reason 3d console gaming died is not because of adoption rate of 3d it's the fact that too much graphics/performance sacrificing was being made for a feature that isn't worth it after all the downgrades. 3d gaming on consoles comes at a cost. Also 3d takes away from visual fidelity.

Flo-con1632d ago

Trine 2 in 3D actually does look awesome! I didn't expect that at all.

opoikl1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

There's also the brilliant 3D in Puppeteer! This game really makes 3D a necessary addition, I can't even imagine playing the game without having props fly at me through the screen (or in this case curtains). Amazing!

KUV19771632d ago

I understand why it didn't take of on PS3, because of ressources and all, but if they have the game at stable 60fps with all details, then 30fps 3D should be no problem at all. Of course they would have to save the cutscenes in 3D too and since they already stated that the disc will be full, that probably is a serious problem... still sad...

uth111632d ago

3D is a fad that comes back every 10-20 years, but it never lasts.

I fear the same may be true of VR, but we'll see..

KUV19771632d ago

Now is the first time though that you get decent 3D, not like it has always been before. I'm pretty sure it is here to stay now. There will be improvements as to 'no glasses required' and such, but I don't see it disappear.

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EverydayGuy1632d ago

They did push The Last of US above 60fps to lock it at 60fps.

starchild1632d ago

Of course. That is the only way to achieve a steady and consistent 60fps.

Games that are capped at 30fps also would run at a higher framerate if they were uncapped. But of course this would result in a variable framerate with fairly wide swings, so you cap at 30fps to provide a more consistent frame delivery and controller response.

1631d ago
esemce1631d ago

Comparing framerates of TV / films to Games is idiotic they are not the same!

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WeAreLegion1632d ago

Do you guys need a proofreader? I will do it for free.

JP13691632d ago

Pretty sure he writes and posts from his phone.

tuglu_pati1632d ago

Or maybe English is not his first language.

WeAreLegion1632d ago

You're right, tuglu_pati. English is not his first language. That's why I offered to be a proofreader.

JP13691632d ago

I wasn't commenting on the obvious language barrier, but on the fact that most of his articles contain numerous typos that are easy to notice, regardless of mother tongue.

1632d ago Replies(2)
LKHGFDSA1632d ago

was it really that hard to hit 60 fps?
I would of thought with all the extra room for processing that the PS4 has over the PS3 that it wouldn't be "life sacrificing".

JP13691632d ago

Twice the resolution, twice the frames, all with better models, lighting, textures and effects on completely different hardware that was never designed to emulate the SPUs of the PS3, which TLoU relied upon heavily. So yeah, it is an achievement.

Kayant1632d ago

Also in a 1 yr and a bit given these difficulties.

GarrusVakarian1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Remaking a game for PS4 that was specifically coded for the PS3's pain in the ass CELL architecture? You bet it would have been.

From my comment below-

"I wish we had a button that was like ‘Turn On PS4 Mode’, but no,” creative director Neil Druckmann says. “We expected it to be Hell, and it was Hell. Just getting an image onscreen, even an inferior one with the shadows broken, lighting broken and with it crashing every 30 seconds… that took a long time"

"“I can’t describe how difficult a task that is".

XtraTrstrL1632d ago

They actually mentioned certain aspects being kind of easier because they use to use the CELL's 6 available SPUs to split up tasks and they were able to convert some of that to the PS4's 6 available cores of CPU for multitasking some of the same things. Though, overall, yeah, it must of been a nightmare to get everything even decently optimized, not just ported.

uth111632d ago

The article doesn't really say that, only the headline does.

The article only says that the total remaster effort sacrificed the programmers life, not 60fps specifically, and it's only a minor point in the article.