The next Yakuza game is for PS4 and PS3

It's not a spin-off, this week's Famitsu confirms.

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NextLevel1627d ago

Disappointed it's cross gen, but happy for a new (non spin off) Yakuza.

sinncross1627d ago

ahhh cross gen? Nice for PS3 users but something that pushed the PS4 would have been great.

Too bad localisation of this franchise is not that great. Hopefully we see something

starchild1626d ago

The bigger issue is that they haven't been releasing the games in the West. They're good games and I don't understand why they won't localize them.

HarryMasonHerpderp1627d ago

No point in getting excited about this.
If they didn't localise Yakuza 5 then don't expect the sequel released in the west either. Hate to put a downer on it but Sega suck at giving western fans what they want.

Summons751626d ago

Except there is no localization in bound soon point in reporting g.

Vandamme211626d ago

Yakuza 6 confirmed...but man I still need to play yakuza 5 and ishin

zeroskie1626d ago

I just want them to bring Ishin to the west.

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The story is too old to be commented.