WWE 2K14 cover star named as John Cena, new trailer unleashed

The official reveal including John Cena trailer.

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XxExacutionerxX1630d ago

It should have been Daniel Bryan on the cover.

CODallday1630d ago

Him and the rock were on the cover last year.

Ninjamonkey821630d ago

I want to see what the game looks like -_-

Rampaged Death1630d ago

Reversible cover with CM Punk please.

Avengingkinght921630d ago

Why would they have that cry baby on the cover, didn't he quit.

chikane1630d ago

So Cena wins the Title just so they cant advertise him been on the cover _-_ just farther proof of how fake wrestling is. just like Monday night raw is nothing more but a ad for the PPV event. which is why when your watching raw.. its nothing but THIS SUNDAY ON PPV atleast a 1000 times over

DasTier1630d ago

Are you retarded? You must have something wrong with you if you really believe people think wrestling is "real" and that they need your "proof" to see otherwise.

Your display picture being what it is further cements my opinion of you being a monumental neckbeard who will continue to go through life living on mountain dew & Doritos while trolling through message boards.

CloudyAero1630d ago

It's been a while since Cena was on the cover, I can dig it. You guys can hate him as a wrestler, but as a person he does whatever he can for the kids and military people.
He has my full respect.

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