Xbox One pre-orders open in South Africa with 2 bundle options

The Xbox One launches in South Africa with two exclusive bundle options.

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CongoKyle1631d ago

Some of us won't be eating for a few months.

Go_Go_Se7en_301631d ago

Enjoy, the XB1 is a great experience that keeps improving.

Artista 1631d ago

Lol it'll be worth it. Enjoy.

Half_Minute_Hero1631d ago

"Some of us won't be eating for a few months."

But isn't that about the norm in Africa anyway? Lol..

plut0nash1630d ago

Not sure if you're joking or not hey :/

GabeSA1630d ago

We kill wild animals with our bare hands, and dont need guns. Thats why we can afford to save the money for the XBOX1 and other accessories. Heck maybe if i use matches and sticks and build a campfire I wont need a stove so then I can buy a few games. :)

Sillicur1630d ago

Not exactly, South Africa is one of the more fortunate countries in africa IMO

n1ghtw1ng1631d ago

Beats the Indian scene. Games can be pre-ordered but not the console

plut0nash1630d ago

That is sad :/ When is it coming to them? September?

plut0nash1631d ago

Not sure if I'll ever play Fifa 15, but that Forza copy will come in handy.

GabeSA1630d ago

I am super stoked about the way FIFA15 is already taking shape. I on the other hand am not a Forza fan so I would be more swayed by the FIFA title. Would also love to see a comparative between Xbox One and PS4 for the FIFA15 title.

Sillicur1630d ago

I have not played a fifa for like 5 years, yet this one really looks awesome, might just give it a go!

NewZealander1631d ago

why not do the titan fall bundle with forza 5 free, I bought that bundle deal in new zealand 2 months back, thats what made me buy the xbox one.

lord zaid1631d ago

Sadly, Titanfall isn't officially available in South Africa. Seriously.

plut0nash1630d ago

Titanfall seems to be a pilot for Respawn. We'll probably get Titanfall 2.

HanCilliers1630d ago

We can play Titanfall in SA with a lot of lag :(

Sillicur1630d ago

That sounds like a great idea, though playing Titanfall with our ping to international servers wont be so much fun :(

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