Bungie to update Peter Dinklage's lacklustre Destiny performance

The Destiny alpha was loved by many (including our own Wesley Yin-Poole who played an early pre-alpha build), but there was one aspect of it that left many cold: Peter "Tyrion Lannister" Dinklage's voice acting.

Playing your robotic guide, Dinklage's lacklustre performance quickly became the subject of many internet memes: most notably for his dry reading of the wonderful line, "That wizard came from the moon." This masterpiece of prose was ridiculed so much that Bungie decided to cash in on the mockery by creating ironic T-shirts emblazoned with the line. Bungie even noted on Twitter that these were briefly the most popular item on the studio's online merch store (where it appears to be sold out).

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SynGamer1628d ago

That was only of the few minor faults I had with the Destiny Alpha. If they're going to update/fix that, then I think Bungie has gold on their hands.

rdgneoz31627d ago

If you watched the E3 trailer and listened to his voice, it was a lot better than the alpha (most likely a older build - not as much post processing).

3-4-51627d ago

^ wow much better. It's actually NOT distracting in that part.

Can't wait for this game...even if the voice is as it is.

whybag1627d ago

That is considerably better. The VO during the alpha was just inconsistent, at times he had the oddly timed syncopation we associate with "AI talking" voice, but others he just sounded phoned in ("Oh no *yawn* it's the hive").

And I do find it interesting that it just sounded like his voice in the Alpha, but the trailer adds a slight amount of reverb and processing in this trailer. Maybe they just did a cold read for Alpha gameplay sections.

Jdoki1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Fair enough. I really didn't have a problem with it... The voice over was just 'there', neither good or bad.

Seems we've entered an age of nitpicking faults on pre-release software. Most people only try and get in to alpha / betas to play the game then bitch about the faults - as if the release should be perfect, rather than actually help address bugs.

We've seen as many articles about the voice over as we have about the fun game play and potentially interesting missions structures. Ridiculous.

shaft01401627d ago

Agreed. I thought the voice was a bit "off" at first, but then I was too busy having fun to even care anymore.

XisThatKid1627d ago

I entirely agree. The thing is that we have been spoiled with the abundance of pre-release games that most people aren't too grateful and don't understand the concept of a BETA or ALPHA as a general consumer. Before these were only limited to the insiders, devs and the like or hardcore gamers that wee in the know and even then was still limited pass of entry.

I guess with the addition of such high server stress tests the admission levels have to be raised these days and all the "exclusive services" and memberships cashin in to get more revenue, When you drink from the lake your ganna have to take the dirt with it I guess.

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amnalehu1627d ago

This was one of my biggest complaints. For a voice that you are going to be hearing all the time, it was rather drab. It would be nice to be able to choose a voice but I doubt that wish will come through.

His performance lacked personality and charm. Oddly enough, if they did something to make his voice sound more mechanical or robotic like adding a filter, his voice probably would have sounded less robotic and boring. It sounded like a child speaking through mans voice.

thaimasker1627d ago

A child speaking through a mans voice? stop making fun of drawfs dammit(jk)

amnalehu1627d ago

OMG, is he really a drawf?

rdgneoz31627d ago

Dwarf? Yep. Ever see Game of Thrones?

Also, "if they did something to make his voice sound more mechanical or robotic like adding a filter, his voice probably would have sounded less robotic and boring."

Watch the E3 trailer, they did add a filter to his voice.

amnalehu1627d ago

WOW! I don't watch game of thrones but I want to. I had no idea he was a drawf when I made that comment. No disrespect to drawfs.

Kinger89381627d ago

I thought it was fine, the crucible pvp announcer needs fixing for sure

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