The GTA Online Independence Day Special – Available Starting Today

Rockstar has released a free add-on for GTA Online that lets players create their own firework displays to celebrate July 4.

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Blacktric1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

-Musket is a single shot with extremely long reload time, which makes it worthless except for a few unique situations.

-Fireworks launcher is a pitiful "weapon" that barely does any damage to human enemies let alone cars and is NOT a rocket launcher substitute.

-Liberator monster truck doesn't have the weight to flatten the cars it goes over and is a Pegasus vehicle that you can't upgrade.

Everything else is there for vanity purposes, much like all the things I counted above. It's a useless DLC they churred out and it doesn't even compete with the similar Valentine's Day DLC. Test the weapons and vehicles in singleplayer before buying them if you still want to see how bad they are for yourselves.

Edit: Forgot to mention the new properties. There are a few interesting houses (literally, not apartments) around Vinewood Hills and Sandy Shores that doesn't cost that much but even the most expensive one only comes with a 6 car garage.

ShadowKingx1575d ago

your really bitching over free content? oh did i mention FREE

dodgemoose1575d ago

Just because it's free doesn't mean it's any good.

Blacktric1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Oh look! It's the; "you cannot give your negative opinion on anything and if you do, I'm gonna call you a bitcher" guy from the every single crappy social networking site ever.

And did I mention that this is what we got as another consolidation prize for heists being delayed for God knows how much longer?

wannabe gamer1575d ago

pretty obvious this stuff is meant for fun and laughs over functionality.

SneakyDoo1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

No shit the musket is a single shot with slow reload times; it's a musket. This weapon pertains to Independence Day because the DoI was signed in the 1700s when the weapon was profoundly utilized during that time period.

Who cares if the firework rocket doesn't deal much damage. They're simply meant to launch fireworks in the sky, not really to blow up vehicles or obliterate players. We have the RPG and Grenade Launcher for that.

If the Liberator was to "flatten cars", it would mostly likely squish the engine or fuel tank, which results in the vehicle blowing up. The Liberator is good enough, and can still plow and drive over most vehicles, so don't be unappreciable.

Also, there are no new homes in "Sandy Shores"; I think you meant Paleto Bay. And are you really nitpicking the content so much that you have to mention your disappointment of the new properties having 6-car garages? Who cares, you can own multiple properties now.

I wouldn't call the new free content that you didn't have to purchase, "vain". That's a bit bias of you, and crass. Just because you dislike it doesn't mean you have to affirm it's a pointless update. I also heard you mention this update is "just there" to compensate for the delay of heists. I do believe this update would still exist even if heists came out because Independence Day is a major federal holiday, and GTA V takes place in America, too.

SneakyDoo1575d ago

*my bad, there are new homes in Sandy Shores

wannabe gamer1574d ago

not to mention if the lib did blkow up all the vehicles then ppl would be complaing about that cause it would be no different han driving the tank and having ppl plow into you on purpose to cause u to pay for their cars and get bad sport eventually. so its a good thing when u use some logic

QuebecSuperstar1575d ago

The Mullet hairstyle has FINALLY arrived!!!

thricetold1575d ago

How about fixing the constant tattoo removing glitch or the disappearing hairstyles that we have to constantly pay to replace. Of course you're not concerned with things that we have to rebuy but hunt down with all efforts to fix any money making exploits.

Go sharkcards!

SneakyDoo1575d ago

Never had that happen to me.