FIFA 15 New Features

We all are waiting for this awesome game named FIFA 15. Now we are going to talk about its new features, which were not in previous games of FIFA serious.

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generic-user-name1598d ago

This write don't English so good.

Monkeysmoke1598d ago

Shit pulling will be the best feature in this game :)

sagapo1598d ago

yeah, it's all about pulling shit now ;)

thepluggy1598d ago

Man i cannot wait for shit pulling,that's going to be awesome.

SniperControl1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Haha, "Shit Pulling", this will go well with "Sauarz bite mode"

Was this approved for it's comedy angle?

chrissx1598d ago

Lol what an abuse of english

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