Shuhei Yoshida pays tribute to Phil Spencer

"He's a reasonably smart guy, compared to some other people who used to say some unbelievable things."

In an interview with Eurogamer, Shuhei Yoshida praises Phil Spencer and offers his thoughts on the Xbox One and its performance.

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christocolus1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Lol. Don mattrick really made a mess of things. I guess he is the one Yosh is refferring to in the article. I think he was the one who said “ there is a console for those who don't want the drm,its called the 360”.I was like OMG? I couldn't believe it. My ps only pals had a fun filled day. I think that was one of the most arrogant comments ever made by an exec then he went ahead and cancelled every post e3 interview with journalists/media.the guy was really out of touch with the fans.. He really needed to go.

Phil is just a complete opposite of Don.the guy is loved by gamers,devs and even the media&i hope he is able to keep riding on this high note...its nice to see Shu speak well of him.

MightyNoX1624d ago

Let's not revise things, Aaron Greenberg, Baghdad Larry, Phil Harrison and Yusuf Mehdi have all said unbelievable shi**y things. I'm sure Shu is talking about that clown car that Phil Spencer has put a break on.

Yours included.

Septic1624d ago

"I'm sure Shu is talking about that clown car that Phil Spencer has put a break on.

Yours included."

His included? What are you talking about?

Don Mattrick was the epitome of what was wrong at MS HQ though. He literally oozed that corporate self-interest, sleaze and plasticity that we associate with your typical suit.

Phil Spencer however, is a far cry from him (and the others you mentioned). Being an intern who worked his way up, being a gamer and developer, he has more in common with the likes of James Allard, who I would say that, to this day, was the best 'corporate gaming personality' than anyone else, Sony included.

christocolus1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


Jay Allard is one of the best xbox execs ever. Ed fries and Robbie bach too. I'd give anything to have them back on board.

OT:Its mightyx just move on dude. Nothing to see there.its why I have him on my ignore list.

PeaSFor1624d ago

"I think that was one of the most arrogant comments ever made by an exec"

meh, cant really beat Ken Kutaragi with his ps3 price tag ..justification comment... "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

that was pretty arrogant to me.

Spotie1624d ago

@PeaS: In what way was that arrogant? If Ken had straight up TOLD people to get a second job, that would have been one thing. But he didn't say that. He said he wanted people to think the PS4 had that much value.

It might be hard to believe, but there IS a difference.

PeaSFor1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


in a way of "our product is sooo good that gamers will get a second job only to afford our 699,99$ console, because its THAT good."

but thats MY opinion after all so you dont need to agree with me, and igot the phat 60gb on release date too, but I found Kutaragi comment to sound arrogant toward the ps3...theres a fine line between confidence & arrogance, and I THINK it was more arrogance than confidence.

Why o why1624d ago

@ peasfor

I don't agree with that being arrogant but I like the way you answered that. Can't argue with an honest opinion

GodGinrai1624d ago

"he has more in common with the likes of James Allard, who I would say that, to this day, was the best 'corporate gaming personality' than anyone else, Sony included."

Allard was a don. I still remember the X360 unveiling, where he was sat on that circular stage with the controller, talking through the functions. He was a VERY good people person. Phil shares that trait.

The_Hero1623d ago

Don Mattrick isn't the only one who left; Steve Ballmer also left to go on buying a football team.

AndrewLB1623d ago

Septic- All CEO's, company president's, and VP's all ooze of corporate self interest. If you think the top brass over at Sony are any different you're kidding yourself.


Nah, m$ has made the most ridiculous statements and boldest lies I have ever heard in my life. It was a definite factor in me choosing to not buy xbone.

tbone5671623d ago

Don M. made the xbox 360 what it was. The PS3 destroyer.

insomnium21623d ago

the facepalm is strong with tbone....

What's that spotie? You actually said something like that? My GOD I thought I was the only one who has seen that particular comment of Kutaragi's as not that arrogant at all. I've been told for 8 years that "Sony told people to get a second job blah blah" and here you are calling things out as they really are for once.

Let's compare:

"I want you to want this product so bad you want to work more hours to get it"


"Go get a second job so you can afford this"

Just look at those two comments and let them sink in for a while. I'm going to keep saying this until the day I die if I have to but there REALLY is a big difference with those two comments and I have no idea how stupid (or fanboy) one has to be to not see it.

Kutaragi's comments about karate master and such were arrogant as all hell but I would really like to stop seeing the same effing comments about Sony telling people to get a second job to afford PS3. It was the hit hungry media that came up with that (pretty sure about this since it was and still is easy hits to take unjustified jabs at Sony) and the x-camp fanboys ran with it making themselves look stupid in the process for 8 years and counting.

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MasterCornholio1624d ago

I agree with you that Don Mattrick almost destroyed the Xbox brand. He was even worse than crazy Ken. Thanfully the Xbox division has Phil Spencer who is the right person to clean up Dons mess and to turn around the Xbox brand.

Baccra171624d ago

Ken was misunderstood, not crazy. He at least had viable reasons for doing what he did. Mattrick didn't.

Halcyon141624d ago

Hopefully next gen MS will place more importance on the power of the console. I love the Xbox One and all it has to offer, but if I am being honest it's irritating that they didn't come much, much harder with power.

MasterCornholio1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )


I understand what you mean especially after the Xbox One launched at a higher price than the PS4. Microsoft could have spent that extra 100$ on a more powerful system but they chose to spend it on Kinect. I would have bought an Xbox One instead of a PS4 if it was more powerful since the majority of games that I play are multiplats.

Christopher1624d ago

I like how people argue over who is the better PR person for a company and act as if how they are on stage or in response to questions is somehow an indication of how much the business has changed. Only thing I care about is what they do, not what they say, when it comes to the companies. I do sometimes like the honesty of some people, but it's extremely rare that they will be brutally honest about the issues of their companies.

jmac531624d ago

Best comment so far. These companies need to deliver the gaming goods instead of this elaborate PR dance we are getting.

3-4-51623d ago

(Editor's note: Yoshida said "reasonably smart guy" when we met him, but he has since tweeted that he meant to say "reasonable, smart guy". The answer he gave in person was clearly delivered with warmth, so this makes sense to us and we're happy to update the quote.)

Incase some were baited or confused.

Bigpappy1623d ago

Thank for clarifying. "reasonably smart guy" doesn't sound like something I would take as a compliment.

Picnic1620d ago

You misquote Don Mattrick- he said there is a console for those who don't have access to the INTERNET, its called the 360.

Now that quote came across as arrogant to many but that's their choice. Don answered the question fully given that the Xbox One was originally going to demand internet access. And given that games makers would still be making games for the Xbox360 there's no use in him not reminding them that you can still buy an Xbox360 and games for it.

If you can ever get yourself in a position in life where you work at the same company for many years and then just one thing that you say can be commented on by potentially millions of people outside of your industry to your detriment just because they subjectively deem that you are a 'suit' rather than a true gamer maybe you'd be a bit annoyed. Unless you have access to Don Mattrick's mind I think you should shut up about what kind of person he is.

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eferreira1624d ago

Yoshida and Phil are both nice guys. I heard an interview with Phil on podcast unlocked and totally changed my opinion on Microsoft.

Blackleg-sanji1624d ago

Honestly I had no intention of ever getting a xbox one but seeing their attitude change and seeing how much they changed the console im getting one in September

Legacy2121624d ago

You wont be disappointed its a great console with great featuresfjord

uth111624d ago

I don't trust a zebra to change its stripes. MS has a long history of screw the customer in overreach, (Vista, Windows 8, XB1, etc) only to reverse position and kiss the customer's behind awhile before screwing them with the next thing..

Christopher1624d ago

Congrats. You are thinking exactly the way MS wants you to.

Things MS has changed:
- Kinectless box: something we've asked for since they announced

- Removal of paywall for apps: something we've asked since 360 was released

So, essentially, because MS is _finally_ listening to the community due to not beating their competition in sales, you are liking their attitude change.


Look, it's cool if you want an XBO because you like what they will offer, but don't get one because they finally did something because they weren't winning. Do it because they did something because they wanted to do it for the gamers. If they wanted to do either of the above for the gamers, it would have happened at release or ages ago (respectively).

maniacmayhem1623d ago

Every company has gone through changes or presented an added feature which was a direct result of either losing or stiff competition.

And every time this feature or change was presented it was made to look like that company cared about the gamer and not the bottom line.

The fact MS is listening and they are changing is better late than never.

JasonKCK1623d ago

I disagree. I think MS does a pretty good job listening to the community. I also think the Xbox community does a good job letting MS know what they want.

WilDRangeRrfc1623d ago

If you truly believe that Sony are doing 'everything for the gamers' and are not interested in £$ then you know nothing about business and are very very gullible

Back-to-Back1623d ago


Glad to see I'm not the only one with that mindset.

kenshiro1001623d ago

Jason, on what planet did Microsoft listen to their fanbase?

Kavorklestein1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Oh shut the hell up. Just because Microsoft WANTS to been seen as a good guy doesn't somehow mean their efforts have somehow been lessened. Especially with the price drop (which 499.99 was still a damn good deal compared to the launch pricing of the 499.99 and 599.99 PS3's in it's day) the OPTION of Kinect, which shuts up the Orwellian Conspiracy Theorists, the Gaming-focused E3, the constant updates to XB1, the removal of certain features being behind a paywall, improving games with gold, and the feedback website they talked about at E3 where you can make suggestions is actually pretty damn cool.

Hearing us, responding to us, and changing things for us is actually very much a surprise to me.
It's not something most companies do, honestly.

When's the last time you saw a ipad get a price drop just because people were begging for one?

Most companies are open to feedback, but as soon as you mention the pricing, they say, "If you don't like the price or features, don't buy it."

Don't downplay how shocking it is that they actually did it, and how quickly they did it too...

I mean, if it's all about Money, and it's bad to charge a lot for something very few people are buying compared to the competition, then the Wii U should have been dirt cheap by now.

Microsoft has always had their own way of doing things, and Nintendo has their own way, and Sony does too. Let's not be so quick to write off progressive steps that help gamers AND Microsoft enjoy this generation a bit more.

I mean, Honestly, with how over priced the PS3 was at launch, and STILL IS, let's put it in perspective... Do you really think Sony would have ever dropped the price or removed things within one year on the PS3 just because people were crying like entitled brats about the price?

I mean, if you look at it this ^ way, look how expensive the PS3 still is, so the no wonder the PS4 is such a good value. It's only 150 more than a New PS3. And when people who paid 599.99 last gen for a PS3 see THAT ^^^ it's a no-brainer to go get a PS4.

And yes, the PS4 is more powerful than the XB1, but not any more powerful than the 360 was compared to the PS3. It's about the application of skills and tools, and the studio making the game.

SO really, all I'm trying to say is, let's not be whiners and act un-impressed just because________________. Give Microsoft some credit where it's due.

I mean, the PS3 sold pretty poorly for the first two years last gen, and did people give up on it???

No, in fact they justified it again and again, and made us eat the cost of the over-designed and under-performing cell processor. Sony never CARED enough to respond to feedback from consumers. In fact, eventually, they took away backwards compatibility, and started giving us smaller and smaller hard drives so they could FINALLY lower the price from the realm of insanity.

Dismiss it if you want, but I think it's more than fair and realistic for a company to show they can adapt to their audience. And I commend Microsoft for it. Even if they are getting more money because they are listening, at LEAST they are listening. That's my opinion anyway.

Christopher1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

***If you truly believe that Sony are doing 'everything for the gamers' and are not interested in £$ then you know nothing about business and are very very gullible***

Where in my comment did I mention anything about Sony?

***Hearing us, responding to us, and changing things for us is actually very much a surprise to me. ***

That's the sad thing. It's a surprise to you that they finally are listening and changing to what they customer base has been saying for so long? Shouldn't it be the expected response to your customer base?

Kavorklestein1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

In a perfect world where the consumer is a god, then yes, I wouldn't be surprised, but we're in a world where there is a continually depreciating set of ways that companies interact with, respect, and treat their customers. I'm saying, I'm surprised that MS is taking the right steps, whether it is seen as not enough or too late is irrelevant. The fact is, they ARE changing, and it IS for the better. I'm also saying that all companies are in it for the money so that's not a negative thorn in Microsoft's side just because you choose to view it that way... I'm also saying that few companies would make the changes that Microsoft is making, especially when they are already so successful and wealthy as a company.
I'm saying that your attitude of wanting them to do it for the gamers is un-needed. They actually ARE striving to be a good place to enjoy some great games, whether at 1080p or up-rezzed 900p, they are going for the same dream that Nintendo or Sony are going for. To push the limits and bring new experiences.
The same place all devs and studios come from. Making a bold new product, whether it's a game, system, or idea, they wanna make it a success.

What is so wrong with simply acknowledging the good decisions they are making?
Are they supposed to just be perfect by default?
Is there even a point in asking these questions if people will never be satisfied?

The company who is making the most CHANGES and taking the biggest risks, and steps into new/sometimes controversial territory is the company I want to support. I think all of the Big 3 MS, S, N, have potential to do great things. But it's the people who are never satisfied or try anything new just based on popular opinion, status, sales etc that ruin the fun for everyone including themselves.

I'm surprised that not only is MS listening, but that people are somehow painting- proactive marketing and consumer satisfaction/positive response into some kind of negative.

I'm surprised that a company can do it's best, and people will never stop bashing it because it didn't read their minds and give them LSD for their inner gamer's soul.

I'd like to see anybody who thinks they have it all figured out try to do better, MAKE a BETTER CONSOLE! Make the strongest online gaming infrastructure in the world while you're at it! Or better yet, realize that if we lived in a perfect world, everybody would have all 3 consoles and a PC, because there are great things to come from all corners.

Stop pissing and moaning about changing, then when change happens, piss and moan about a completely NEW set of things.

I'd hate to see your diabetic grandma tell you how much weight she lost, and have you discredit her because "it wasn't enough, or it's too late" or "she shouldn't have been fat in the first place"
or other dumb stuff that minimizes what she's striving to do.

If you are just gonna ignore progress when it's being made, then that's YOUR problem. That makes you a negative nancy... FOR NOTHING.

It's so early in the life cycle of these consoles that to have a doom and gloom attitude already means your life is gonna suck for the next 5-8 years. Whether on the Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft side.

Lighten up. MS is doing great, and If Yoshida can give them props,(whether for he's for reals, or is doing it to look good, and hence, doing it for the money)that definitely means you can drink a tall glass of STFU and get over yourself.

If others are more easily pleased with MS, then so what? At least SOME people know how to enjoy themselves...

Christopher1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

***Stop pissing and moaning about changing, then when change happens, piss and moan about a completely NEW set of things.***

I'm not pissing and moaning that they are finally changing. I'm mocking the fact that people are so easily bought into it right at the get-go.

Do you think I still trust my CC info with Sony after the PSN hack? Do you think I believe any BS story about something being only possible on a specific console? Do you think I believe the Microsoft's [email protected] parity rules aren't there as a lazy way to force devs to go their way? Do you think I didn't bitch about the fact that PS+ added multiplayer paywall with PS4?

Look, my comment was saying that you guys are buying so easily into a sudden light switch flip (that MS previously said wasn't what we wanted and couldn't be done, btw). I think instead of people suddenly liking MS they should hold back a bit and see what they actually do going forward.

In the end, the only reason we have what we have now is because of competition. Don't think that that competition is going to go away or that the XBO is suddenly a great device to own because they made some changes that we've been asking for for ages. How long will it take MS to make other changes in the future? Why is it like pulling teeth? Why the hell does Sony take forever to implement features onto XMB that they said would be there at release? Why does Sony take forever to do XMB updates that people have been screaming for?

If you think this is about MS vs Sony, you're wrong. IT's about the idiocy of consumers.

***If others are more easily pleased with MS, then so what? At least SOME people know how to enjoy themselves...***

No, those people are ignorant and are easily won over by marketing and promises that they shouldn't have had to wait this long to get. If the user wants to get the console for games, he should be getting it regardless of the other factors. But, suddenly, now that it's w/o Kinect and some new PR guy is in place of the older PR guy who sucked at his job, it's the perfect time to support a company that took forever to give you what you want??

I disagree with that. And that's what my comment said.

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