PS4 Slim Date: This is the likely release schedule of the PS4 Slim

Blogger Wololo looks at the history of the Playstation devices "slimlines", and gives his estimates on when we will see the PS4 slim on shelves.

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PS4isKing_821628d ago

2016 or 2017 if going by previous ps consoles. Generally halfway or more into the life cycle.

The_Hero1628d ago

The PS3 had 2 slims.
The PS2 took much longer than the PS3 for it to get it's slim version.

randomass1711628d ago

Not to mention the PSOne came out toward the endpoint of the Playstation's life cycle.

crxss1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

it's obvious the PS4 will get a slim version, but the only reason Sony would produce one is to reduce costs on their end and boost sales. Right now their sales are above and beyond what the PS3 launch year had and the PS4 is plenty cheap to make. I don't seeing a PS4 slim happening in 2015. 2016 earliest with a 1 TB model, but even then they might just release extra color editions rather than produce a new model if sales are strong and costs are still low.

But since I already have a PS4, I'm really only interested in what the Xbox One slim will look like and see if it's worth getting if the games get better and the price is right. Hope it gets a hardware boost dedicated for Kinect, doubt it gets any boost for games since that'll segregate the xbox ecosystem. The Wii U's adequate enough so I don't really care about it's refresh model when Smash/Zelda release

starchild1627d ago

My PS4 is already pretty thin. Honestly, I was surprised how small and thin it was. Much smaller than my 80GB fat PS3.

C-H-E-F1627d ago

Yeah but the ps3 needed 2 slims (to cut the price) the ps2 didn't really need a price cut lOl, but making a slim really changed the game.

sonypsnow1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Very much slimmer it would replace PS Vita.

bmf73641627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The PS2 Slim came out in 2004, 4 years after its 2000 release. The PS3 Slim came out in 2009, 3 years after the 2006 launch. The Super Slim came out in 2012. The PSone came out on the same year as the PS2's launch day to keep the console fresh. This is all through business perspective of how Sony thinks the console will do. Chances are, we are looking at 2016-2018 depending on how they can keep the console selling. Patents show that it may include faster wifi adapter and better background processing than the current launch model.

Edit @chef: They actually RAISED the price of the PS3 Super Slim because they bundled it with Uncharted 3 GOTY and DUST-514 currency.

JsonHenry1627d ago

If I were Sony I would slim it down first chance I got. Smaller form factor typically means higher profit margins.

joydestroy1627d ago

yeah, us original PS3 fat owners love the PS4 lol it's plenty small enough for me and easy to move around

Anarki1626d ago

A slim PS4? are you for real? the console is tiny as it is.

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AgentSmithPS41627d ago

We'll see even slimmer PS4s flying around in Resogun.

miyamoto1627d ago

A more "portable" PS4 is badly needed complete with its own LCD screen.

nunley331627d ago

That exists already, it's called a PS VITA.

sinspirit1627d ago


What's wrong with what he said?

The console is compact enough to have its own laptop version. If I had the funds I would build my own PS4 laptop.

Slim versions will make absolutely awesome mod opportunities.

miyamoto1627d ago

Sony did a PS One with LCD screen as an add on option so Why can't the PS3, & PS4.

A super slim, light weight & modular PS4 attachable/optional Full HD screen will give PC gaming a run for its money.

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fr0sty1627d ago

PS4 is the only console I've ever thought didn't need a slim model. It's pretty slim as it is...

fr0sty1627d ago

It'd had some more horsepower, yeah, but that thing wasn't much better than the top of the line handheld tech of the day.

jcnba281627d ago

The Wii U is a very slim console.

Magicite1627d ago

2-3 years after release sounds reasonable, but then again if slim means cheaper production costs for Sony, they should let it out ASAP.

Bobby Kotex1627d ago

The slim versions always seem to be cheaper in some way.

assdan1627d ago

Yeah,, that would be my guess as well. I think 2016 is more likely. I think 2017 is gonna be more than halfway through this time around.

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ramiuk11628d ago

personally i dont think they need to,its already really nice to look at.
the only thing i wish was different is the usb ports moved to side or back

MrSec841627d ago

Agreed, IMO PS4's a fine size, especially consider it's the launch model.
Obviously a smaller model or models will eventually come, but it's not like it takes up that much size right now.

A rear HDMI port would be much appreciated for future external HDD support or some SD card slots would have been cool for additional storage, but as things stand it's ok.

HappyWithOneBubble1627d ago

Yeah slim PS4 is not needed right now. Slim PS3 came out in 2009 3 years after original PS3 in 2006. Production cost for PS4 is low compared to what original PS3 was. Sony don't need to dig themselves out of a whole like with PS3. We might not see a slim PS4 til 2017. The PS4 is already slim enough so I wouldn't be surprise if we never see a slimmer PS4. Sony did great with PS4 design.

LackTrue4K1627d ago

This!! Add one more usb in the back of the system.

Sevir1627d ago

The PS4 looks like a 3rd generation revivision... Its unbelievably small for a first gen Console! Both the PS2 and 3 took a few years to get down to a similar form factor... I wonder how they'd manage to make the PS4 smaller with its already small encasing.

tanookisuit1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Watching the Playstation 4 complete teardown, by one of Sony's engineers, you can't help but marvel at how much work and thought went into it. Especially how the [internal] fans were handled to prevent overworking the PS4.

Edit: A link here for those that missed it originally, or want to see it again:

ramiuk11627d ago

its always nice to watch before getting into bed with wife,gets me ready :)

sonic9891627d ago

it seems like gaming news are slow these days .

SilentNegotiator1627d ago

We need a smaller Ps4, not necessarily a slimmer one.

Bob Dole1627d ago

Hopefully they'll eventually be able to go the route of the PsOne and make a tiny little portable sized system.

Bhuahahaha1627d ago

and make it more energy efficient.its really a power-hug

SilentNegotiator1627d ago

Okay, let me clarify; I'm not saying ps4 isn't already small. Just that it would make more sense to make it smaller than more thin (if both weren't an option), considering it's already only like, 2in thick.