Witcher 3 - Wake The White Wolf by Miracle Of Sound

A musical tribute to Witcher 3 and Geralt Of Rivia.

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plut0nash1362d ago

Witcher 3 is one of the msot interesting games I've seen this year.

HanCilliers1362d ago

What an amazing piece of music.

micx1362d ago

Suberbly put together. As good as the official trailers.

R6ex1362d ago

Finally, I get to meet Yennefer!

Potnoodle9991362d ago

Haha I feel the same! I only recently completed the witcher 2 and as soon as I finished I started it again! I can't remember if I've ever done that before but it was that amazing! :D

FalloutWanderer20771361d ago

@Potnoodle999 @R6ex
If you haven't yet,I would def. recommend the books that inspired the Witcher games. They are great. If you enjoy reading and fantasy,then it's a no brainer.

Wish it was February already!