Far Cry 4 Is 'Packed to the Gills' With Women And 'Pagan Min Is Not Your Father', Says Director

Far Cry 4 is teeming with female characters, says creative director Alex Hutchinson, who tallies half of the game's main antagonists and half of the rebel fighters as ladies. For more Far Cry 4 story details, such as how Pagan Min is definitely for sure absolutely "not your father", take a watch.

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wallis1624d ago

Damn I was positive from the way he spoke in the trailer he might be your father. Clearly I was wrong. Really looking forward to this game.

Baccra171624d ago

I figured he was your uncle.

F4sterTh4nFTL1624d ago

Pagan Min is your father confirmed.

e-p-ayeaH1624d ago

noo that´s impossible!

sungin1624d ago

looking forward to this game=lier

R6ex1624d ago

Finally, I've got a reason to buy a Far Cry game ... yay!

DasTier1624d ago

In what way is that a reason to buy the game?

JusticeSoulTuna1624d ago

While it's perfectly fine that there's a decent amount of female characters, why has it reached the point where developers need to give people a count of the amount of female characters in a game? Is this seriously how things are going lately? As if the amount of female characters in a game determines its relevance. Just saying, this political correctness is getting out of control, where people are more concerned with 'representation' than how good a game is. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy there's a variety of characters but them being female doesn't make me any more or less excited; I care about how interesting they are, not their gender. I always want more games to have cool characters, both male and female, but I don't need to be assured that the ratio is equal, and neither should anyone else. Seriously.

Stapleface1624d ago

The reason why is because people get offended if there are not any, or if there are not enough. Or if the elephants are not the right color. Maybe the grass is too green. Some one is going to be pissed off. So they try to explain their selves. It sucks.

Rob_Ko1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

yeah totally agree, and I should add this whole racism affair after first cover picture.
People call racism when they showed native himalayan (yeah I know it's not a country) man
It is as stupid as in Western movies they wouldn't show native americans

DasTier1624d ago

Its laughable that people are disagreeing with you, but it does do well to explain the mentality of the neckbeards who populate this site.

TheButtonMasher1624d ago

I agree. Forcing developers to make decisions like gender/race of characters is screwing up the true creativity behind their skills. Just let them create the image they have and don't force anything, or it's going to feel forced when you play it.

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