Xbox Live Free Games With Gold Should Have Happened Sooner

Guardianlv: "It has been just over a year since the Games With Gold program started. It has shown that gamers are amendable to downloading games and keeping them on their hard drives to play. The failure of the announcement of the Xbox One shows that Games With Gold should have happened sooner and the free games with an Xbox Live account was way to gain fans of an all-digital console."

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Septic1625d ago

Yup it should have. But it didn't. Its here now though *shrugs*

JBSleek1625d ago

Couldn't say it better myself.

Ballsack1624d ago

So should have the apps behind a paywall disappeared sooner.. Due to bad sales Microsoft are now doing the right things to try and get consumers back on board

We talk with our wallets companies like ms and Sony need us we don't need them..

Why o why1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

True balls

Better late than never though and one step at a time is better than no steps at all. Quacamelee ce is a great snatch. I'm envious of that even though I got the original on plus for the ps3. Ms's initial offerings were comical but ms have woken up. They couldn't rely on the perception of xbl superiority any more. Plus's offerings we lessening the perceived value of xbl.

JBSleek1624d ago

"We talk with our wallets companies like ms and Sony need us we don't need them.."

Certainly not true... We need companies how else do you have such good advances. What you want to leave that to the government. Lol

CJDUNCAN1624d ago

I definitely prefer Games with Gold vs the PS+ setup. PS+ offers the better games, but you need to remain a PS+ subscriber in order to play them. That's a major drawback, whereas with Games with Gold, your game is your game regardless if you have xbox live gold or not.

1624d ago
CJDUNCAN1622d ago

@Cobra, I didn't know that, and after just seeing your response I logged into my account and sure enough, I need gold to play Max. How in the heck did they think that was a good move.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Half_Minute_Hero1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Great! Now let's make an article about some other good thing that should have happened sooner! Excellent journalism!

Blaze9291624d ago

Ol woulda,Shoulda,Coulda

MasterCornholio1624d ago

It could have been there at launch but it really isn't that big if a deal.

RosweeSon1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Over 6 months of free games when you've just bought a brand new system isn't a big deal?! Wow. Some people like chucking their money away I guess..... Oh but wait Microsoft are being really good sneaking games out now, oh yeah contrast and outlast, both of which were free months ago elsewhere, keep trying Microsoft, it's a step I. The right direction but as someone says here it's purely because others offer this not because they wanted to reward their customers. Poor.

fOrlOnhOpe571624d ago

EVERYBODY loves a freebie :)

Grimhammer001624d ago

Problem isnt that its too late....better now than never.

No, problem is its 100% reactionary to Sony ps+ value.
MS didnt do it for any customer friendly reason, nor did they do it to innovate or improve LIVE......Solely because competition is chewing them up demographically.

For many informed new buyers of the xbox one...its another metric to judge MS by.

GusBricker1624d ago

Neither did Sony, this all started because of the PSN debacle.

johndoe112111624d ago

No it didn't. ps+ free games started in June 2010, the psn hack occurred on April 2011. Get your facts straight.

Giantbomb821624d ago

You're Exactly right Gus! The PS plus program started in 2010 and was a joke. Nobody bought in nobody really paid attention to it. Everyone was happy playing online for free, why would anyone pay for a few shitty free games, early demo access and whatever else the plus program was about back then. Than The PSN HACK, and PLUS took off out of necessity. Plus from that point on consisted of solid games. Before the hack their was nothing like Infamous and Little big Planet that was given away for free. Games with Gold copied Plus. Just like trophies copied achievements.

GundalfDeGrej1624d ago

Just like how Sony introduced a monthly fee for online play and added free games in order to compete with gold. It goes both ways.

johndoe112111624d ago

What are you talking about and how the hell did 4 people agree with that totally made up and false statement??

GundalfDeGrej1624d ago

Sony adding free games with ps+ in order to compete with MS is a false statement? Why do YOU think they did it?

Half_Minute_Hero1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Yes, MS did this in response to Sony. However, I hope you don't think that Sony originally did it out of the goodness of their hearts or because they love you... They did it to get one up on XBL.

lfc_4eva1624d ago

Too true dude.

When Sony wasn't offering free games, did anybody whine about free games on Live then?
No of course not. Live was the best online service (better than anything on pc too and I use all the free services there).
Live was executed perfectly and the voice chat made it even better. Sony just couldn't compete. I have a PS3 and only played one online game, it was that rubbish. Never went back to PS3 online.
Sony did the 'free' games simply because they had nothing else to play with. Sure it was a cracking idea, but its all they had left.
But still the lack of free games on Live didn't bother me at all. I was and still very happy to pay a very little fee of £40 to get a brilliant service. So now MS are dishing out real free games, be them old in most cases. I see that as an added bonus. Some of them I haven't played before and now I get the opportunity.

Half_Minute_Hero1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

lfc - I have both an XBL and a PSN account, but I only played online with my PS3 twice, I think. The controller was just too small and uncomfortable for me to be proficient with, and those slippery and convex analog sticks and the lack of proper triggers (I did buy those snap-on triggers and they were nice) were a killjoy.

But other than that, the early PSN was disjointed and not enjoyable, unlike XBL. MS truly does make good software, and it shows with every Xbox.

Things have improved since then, but my PS3 has remained a single player only machine, which is fine by me. The last game I played on it was TLOU, and it absolutely did not need multiplayer. I adored it just the same without.

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