12 Reasons the Wii U Will Succeed

The Wii U just can’t lose. After tough times, Nintendo will assuredly succeed with their unique vision and great games. How can it fail when it’s got so much going for it?

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EliteGameKnight1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

why is both this article as well as this one: ( ) made by the same person, and have lists that contradict each other? they're also submitted by the same person

WillGuitarGuy1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Pozzle submits posts for a lot of websites. This Charles guy though seems to be looking for hits. :/

Dolf0451510d ago

Exactly! They have the information to do an objective piece with pros vs cons? This "10 reasons why x sucks/is amazing" shit just confuses me. You don't have to enumerate opinions or section off good from bad. I don't get it unless you're just pandering to extreme views on either end of the spectrum.

Number-Nine1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

They have Zelda coming out.
Need to announce a Metroid.
Announce a 3D Mario game. ex: Mario 64/Galaxy/etc
Games like Xenoblade, Super Smash, coming.
Hyrule Warriors looks great.
Continue with exclusives.

They'll pick things up

Ol_Boy1510d ago

I have a feeling Nintendo will announce a 3d Mario game more like Mario 64 than Galaxy.

modesign1510d ago

haha article looking for hits, the nitendokids will fly to it like flies on waxpaper

rextraordinaire1510d ago

Just buy the console you like and play games, damnit. Enough with these articles!

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